A Garage Where The Heart Is

A Garage Where The Heart Is

When a couple of empty-nesters in Collegeville, Penn. looked for interior designers, they didn’t want to stop with someone specializing in bathrooms and boudoirs. After all, people live into the triple digits these days, so retirement should be even more fun than our working years.

So they wanted a garage that reflects their interests, is kept tidy, and yes, matches her red sports car while also accommodating his motorcycle.

“It is red,” says Closets by Design interior designer Maria Kapourelos of the main color theme, “because she had a red sports car”.

Closets by Design provided all the items you see here in the photos, while the client brought in her own garden sink and had someone paint.

Kapourelos says, “Typically, the client will decide the colors, but I guide throughout the choice, based on what I see in their home.” In this case, the “color palette” and “general look of their home, including the way they’ve decorated the inside” reflected the decisions for the garage.

“This is an extension of the home,” the designer says. “A garage is an area of the home that is frequently neglected and forced to be a dumping ground for other items in the home that don’t have a particular living space.”

She explains that really, one’s garage is “a window to the world.”

Not only should the garage be safe for kids to play in, but safe to store items without risk of their falling on a sports car. “It should also be accessible if there are emergency items,” says Kapourelos.

This means, in the couple’s case, that anything toxic – such as gas cans – was properly accounted for.

“While fumes won’t damage the cabinetry, I don’t recommend having a set of doors [for all toxic items]. I recommend open shelving for anything toxic and flammable, such as gas cans.” That said, “I do recommend putting garden chemicals behind closed doors, and some families may choose to put a lock on those cabinets as a safety measure.”

Kapourelos says the biggest challenge for placing these items was trying to hang them in a “safe, efficient way,” whether that meant using a hanging system like a PVC flat wall product or finding storage in baskets and drawers.

“I only put items on the floor that need to be, and [I had to allow room] to park cars,” of course, she says.

“Closets by Design specifically designs their cabinets to be hanging on the wall so things sitting on the floor are never touching cabinets directly,” she says. “They are built with cabinet construction with a lot of strength and meant for heavy duty use, so someone could still hose their garage down if they wanted.”

Begging the obvious question, why is Closets by Design working with garages?

They obviously don’t stop with the closet, but the designer says that a closet is often a springboard for clients to expand into broader renovations, in or outside of the garage.

“Closets by Design, which was started many years ago focusing mainly on closets, has branched into every area of storage except bathrooms,” says Kapourelos. “The garage is just another storage space, like the pantry or a home office.”

It’s important to remember, too, that people still want to park their cars – or car and motorcycle in this case – and the garage must be very organized.

“Otherwise, it pretty much prevents being able to park your car there if floor space is being taken up with belongings,” she says.

The flooring, cabinets and slatwall were custom-made and installed by Closets By Design.

For a Closets by Design consultation, please visit www.closetsbydesign.com, and call 1-888-500-9215

By L. D. Wiegler

Originally posted on Homeclick Community | August 2014

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