Green Today, Blue Tomorrow: Benefits of Organizing Your Closet by Color

A woman standing in front of a custom closet organized by color.

Green Today, Blue Tomorrow: Benefits of Organizing Your Closet by Color

Everyone has different ways they like to organize their closet. Some people prefer to arrange their clothes by style while others sort their clothes according to season. Organizational experts will tell you that one of the best ways to coordinate your closet is by color.

There are all sorts of benefits to organizing your closet by color, and it’s a lot more than looking great! See how the right kind of closet organization can make your life easier while also saving you time and money!

Save Time in the Mornings

Everyone wishes that they had more time in the morning. Between getting kids ready for school, making breakfast, and getting everyone out the door; getting dressed often takes a back seat. How often do you find yourself quickly grabbing something out of the closet, giving your outfit a quick glance in the mirror and dashing out the door?

When you organize your closet by color, it’s easy to see what you have and pick something out for your workday! Before your closet makeover, you were forced to search through your entire closet to find one specific item. When you organize your closet by color, you’re searching through a much smaller section of your closet. This makes it much easier to find that green top you need. Not only will color-coding your closet help you look better, you’ll also save time!

Make Vacation Packing a Breeze

One of the most stressful parts of a vacation is packing your bags. How do you decide on each outfit and what you need to bring? Are you going to need a jacket or a sweater? Where is that cute pink blouse you love so much?

Arranging your clothes by color simplifies packing by sorting everything in one central place. Now, you can just take a look at your closet and quickly find a matching piece to the skirt or pants you are packing. It becomes even easier when you add a custom closet system from Closets by Design featuring custom shelves and cubbies. Custom shelving gives you even more organizational options to let you arrange your closet by color, season, and occasion while convenient cubbies provide extra space for those hard to categorize pieces.

Fun and Easy to Create Outfits

Everyone loves putting together a great outfit. Mixing and matching different clothes to see what you can put together is a fun way to show off your creativity while looking and feeling great. Of course, it’s hard to put together an outfit when you can’t see or find your clothes. How many of us have lots of our favorite clothes lying in piles in our closet or stuffed into drawers? It makes it hard to see all of your options!

When you organize your closet by color, you’re essentially creating a giant color wheel to help you pick the right outfit. All you need to do is stand in front of your closet and take a good look. You may be surprised by how inspired you are when you have your clothes in front of you.

Enjoy a Handy Shopping Guide

Nobody can remember and name every piece of clothing in your closet. When you are out shopping, you may not remember you wanted to buy a certain color top or bottom to match something you already have. By having all your clothes organized by color, it’s easy to see what you have and easier to identify what you need.

Looking for the perfect sweater to pair with that lovely purple skirt? Take a look at your perfectly organized custom closet to see what is already there. You may be surprised by what’s hiding in your wardrobe.

Wow Friends with Your Wardrobe

There’s one big advantage to arranging your closet by color that you may not have considered. We’re talking about how amazing it will look! Organizing your closet into a radiant rainbow of fashion is enough to wow even your most critical of friends.

A beautifully arranged color spectrum of all your clothes quickly becomes more than a practical organization system. It turns into a defining feature of your room itself. Talk about fashionable and functional!

Upgrade and Organize Your Closet Today!

By now, you should know all of the great reasons why you should organize your closet by color. Are you ready to reorganize your life? One of the best ways to get started is by upgrading your closet! Closets by Design can work with you to create a custom closet of your dreams. Don’t wait to take back control of your closet. Get organized today and schedule your consultation with Closets by Design!

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