Staying or Selling: Closets by Design Clients Benefit Either Way

A custom walk-in closet from Closets by Design.

Staying or Selling: Closets by Design Clients Benefit Either Way

Every homeowner wants a beautiful home — whether they’re going to live in that house forever or plan to put it on the market in the near future. A home is a direct representation of its owner. When a house has it all together, the owner seems to as well.

Here are some ways that Closets by Design can enhance either your home-living or home-selling experience:

Organized Closets Entice Buyers

When a home looks crowded, prospective buyers may believe they won’t fit in the space. When a closet is neat, organized, and (most importantly) de-cluttered, buyers feel reassured that the space will accommodate their possessions.

Garages Grab Attention

When putting a home on the market, sellers may want to optimize any spare space in the home to make it more attractive to buyers, particularly a garage. Sellers can turn to Closets by Design to maximize the organization of a garage, using our custom cabinets to turn it into the ultimate storage space, all to entice buyers. Likewise, new buyers may need help imagining how to transform a garage into a room that suits their personal needs. Perhaps they would like to turn it into a woodworking workshop or a garden center! Either way, buyers and sellers can look to Closets by Design for guidance.

Kitchen Storage and Pantry Perfection

The kitchen is the heart of any home. It’s where memories are made and where life happens. What better way to enhance a kitchen than add some much-needed storage? Quick access to items in your kitchen is priceless. Our attractive pantries are developed to streamline cooking and cleaning with easy-to-reach shelves for easy-to-find items. A beautiful, organized kitchen, with the help of a Closets by Design pantry, will surely increase the appeal of a customer’s home.

Organized Homes Make Great Impressions

When selling, a house is much more appealing when it is neat, presentable and organized. Closets by Design can make that a reality! One of our professional designers can figure out ways to create a more functional home before you put it on the market. With so many storage and organization options to choose from, Closets by Design is the expert in maximizing a home’s full storage potential.

Make Room for a Bedroom

A key selling point for any home is the number of bedrooms it has. With the help of Closets by Design, homeowners can turn a two-bedroom house into a three-bedroom — catching the eyes of potential buyers with families. A room isn’t considered a bedroom unless it has a closet and a window. Closets by Design may not be able to help with the window, but we can add a closet to a room without one. Our designers can create a custom built-in closet with doors to make it a fixed feature in the room.

Custom Closets Make Your Home Stand Out in a Crowded Market

The housing market has seen substantial growth in the last few years. This has made it even more difficult for sellers to set themselves apart from the competing properties.  These tips shared by Closets by Design can help to put your home for sale at the top of the list.  Although, once you make these upgrades, you may decide to stay after all. Find out how you can have your home ready to make a lasting impression no matter what you decide to do. Schedule your design consultation today!

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