Decoration Delirium

A box of nicely organized holiday decorations.

Decoration Delirium

This time of year, we get into a state of Decoration Delirium. We are either putting something up or taking it down. It starts in October and runs into New Year.

So many decorations, so little space! If you think outside the box, then you won’t need to store as many things inside a box! Here are some ideas to keep all your holiday trimmings under control.

Decide Before You Buy

When buying decorations, ask yourself this question: “Where am I going to put this when the holidays are over?” Decide where you will store the items before you buy them.

Sneaky Swaps

What everyday items can you make a few tweaks to and use for the next holiday? For example, instead of buying Christmas-themed pillows, cover your regular pillows with holiday slipcovers.

Be Transparent

While storage containers come in a variety of cool colors, it is best to stick with transparent containers. This way you can easily see what is inside each box without having to open them. It will save you time and a potential mess.

Name that Item

If you can’t afford to buy new see-through storage boxes, buy inexpensive label stickers to attach to your containers. Instead of simply marking a box “Christmas” include details as to what is in the box that you might want to use for other holidays, such as “tree ornaments or Christmas lights.” This way, the next time you go to decorate, you’ll be able to easily see what items you are looking for.

Decoration Donation

When you pull out your decorations for the season, go through them and get rid of what you no longer want. You can donate them to a thrift store. There’s no use continuing to store things you never use!

Other Fun Decoration Storage Ideas:

  • Wrap string lights around a hanger to keep them from getting tangled.
  • Hang artificial wreaths in drawstring garbage bags.
  • Store fragile ornaments in plastic cups to keep them from getting crushed.
  • Make use of used tissue paper from gift wrappings to wrap up decorations
  • Place small ornaments in egg cartons.
  • Put bead garland in a water bottle to keep it under control.
  • Place wrapping paper rolls in a garment bag and hang it in a closet.

Gift of Organization

The above tips can help a bit, but to truly keep your holiday decor under control, consider giving yourself the gift of custom organization from Closets by Design – whether it’s in a closet, a garage, or a utility room. Custom shelves give you a spot to keep boxes and bins. Drawers can be ideal for small decorations. We can even customize drawers with clear drawer fronts so you can see what’s inside from the outside.

Click here to schedule your free in-home consultation. We can look at the items you want to store, talk with you about your objectives, and assess your existing space and create storage for your holiday decorations and heirlooms.

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