Everything You Wanted to Know About Wall Beds (But Were Afraid to Ask)

A custom wall bed from Closets by Design.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Wall Beds (But Were Afraid to Ask)

The wall bed, also known as a Murphy bed, has its historic origins in San Francisco circa 1900. The story goes that a man was romantically pursuing an opera singer, but social norms at the time frowned on a woman spending time in a man’s bedroom. What was his solution? Converting his bedroom into a spacious parlor by folding his bed into the wall. Next thing you know, the popularity of wall beds exploded as they become a convenient way to save space and ensure you get the most out of your room.

As homes got bigger and more people made the move to the suburbs, the wall bed began to fall out of fashion. Now, we’re seeing a major movement in maximizing the space of our homes, and the wall bed is leading the charge! Today, the wall bed is making a comeback all over the country.

Of course, it’s important to remember that these aren’t your parents’ wall beds. Today’s beds are a far cry from the pull-down mattresses of old. Here’s what you need to know about the big wall bed comeback and how you can reclaim more space in your home.

Save Space While Looking Great

One of the first things you’ll notice about today’s wall beds is how they combine excellent efficiency with fashionable functionality. Custom wall beds from Closets by Design are much more than space-saving solutions. These wall beds are stunning pieces that effortlessly transform any room of your home into the multi-functional space of your dreams.

Unlike fold-up beds of old, custom wall beds are built with all sorts of fantastic features. When you install a new custom wall bed from Closets by Design, you’ll find functional drawers and cubbies designed to improve the look, feel, and functionality of any living space.

Closets by Design’s custom wall beds boast fashionable features like deco doors and glass inserts to ensure your wall bed is a welcome addition to any room. Crown molding helps each wall bed unit blend seamlessly with your space, creating a welcome addition that improves the aesthetic while maximizing your space.

Custom Wall Beds Keep You Organized

A major incentive among wall bed lovers is the opportunity to make rooms more efficient than ever. It’s all about maximizing your available space while getting everything you can out of the functionality of each room.

One way you can achieve this with a custom wall bed is through our multi-functional shelves, drawers, and cubbies. Need extra space for books, toys, or clothes? There’s a place for everything thanks to the spacious shelves of our wall bed units.

Find the Right Size Wall Bed for Your Space

Installing a wall bed is about so much more than adding a place for you or your guests to sleep. The right wall bed should complement any room while also improving its convenience. With so many different options for your next wall bed, it’s easier than ever to find the right bed to fit your space. Beds are available in single, double, and queen sizes.

Whether you’re adding a bed to your children’s playroom, supplying a sleep space to your office, or crafting the guest room of your dreams, you’re sure to have all the space you need when someone needs a place to lay their head.

Wow Guests With Your Custom Wall Bed

Don’t wait to retake control of your home. Save your space when you install a custom wall bed from Closets by Design today. See how you can expand and improve your space. Schedule your free in-home design consultation today.

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