Me-Caves: The Latest Trend for Homeowners Seeking a Solo Sanctuary

Me-Caves: The Latest Trend for Homeowners Seeking a Solo Sanctuary

Football season is in full swing, and for many couples who live together, that means there’s a turf war over where to watch the game. One person wants to cheer loudly, the other wants a little peace and quiet. But football isn’t the only cause of turmoil for couples longing for personal space. “Man Caves” are now media rooms for the entire family, often overflowing with memorabilia. Women don’t always have the space (or the desire) for an actual “She Shed” outside, and spare rooms are often filled with knick-knacks. That’s why the latest trend in organizational home design is the Me-Cave, a multi-purpose sanctuary that suits both men and women.

Carving out alone time is important for the health and success of any relationship and building a designated quiet space at home is a great way to do that. An article referencing a study called The Early Years of Marriage Project reveals more unhappy couples blame a lack of alone time as the reason for unhappiness than they do intimacy. Even among those who are content, a Pew Research Center study says 85 percent of adults agree it is important to have times when they are completely alone.

Closets by Design created a list of five ideas for the ultimate Me-Cave that both men and women can enjoy:

  1. Creation Station – Instead of taking over the kitchen or garage when it comes time to hone your craft, move to a designated space. Creating a craft or hobby room is the perfect way to utilize spare space in your home. Using features such as a gift wrap station, organizing slots and craft supply drawers, Closets by Design can build unique hobby centers that will cater to everyone’s specific needs.
  2. Hideaway Haven – Where can you keep the ceramic animals from your childhood, or your grandmother’s china, or your small (but special) collection of electric guitars? This is a room for items you don’t necessarily want to display in your living room, but you certainly don’t want them hiding in your attic either. Designing an organized space with adjustable shelves or slatwalls with hooks allows you to keep your prized possessions out in the open, within the limits of your personal Me-Cave.
  3. Break Room – A “break room” isn’t just for the office; it’s a place where you can take a break from life. Homeowners can meditate, practice yoga, read or simply take a breath in this kind of Me-Cave. Pros can add organizational storage features to the room, such as an island with drawers, to make it free of anxiety-inducing clutter.
  4. Dream Walk-In Closet – Who says closets need to be confined to the bedroom? A spare room can be used to create a clothes-filled oasis. Experts can create a closet system for the room that maximizes wall space, takes advantage of any windows, and keeps the area free of clutter. Add a comfortable armchair or bench and you’ve got a Me-Cave that makes getting ready for work a dream!
  5. Multi-Purpose Me-Cave – Your Me-Cave doesn’t need to have just one purpose. It can be a hobby room, a place to relax, and a room for storage. At the same time, this can still be an office or a guest room. A wallbed can easily be tucked away after your visitors go home, and your Me-Cave is yours again. Closets by Design’s office systems also make it easy to keep one half of the room for work and the other half for fun.

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