The Not-So-Secret Benefits of Wallbeds

The Not-So-Secret Benefits of Wallbeds

With the holiday season coming up, many homeowners are wondering how they can make room for overnight guests. Doing so is especially tricky for those without an actual guest room, or for families with numerous out-of-town relatives who want to visit for the holidays. Small living spaces call for innovative solutions and out-of-the-box thinking. Many small-residence dwellers often overlook one of the most valuable spaces: the walls! If you’ve run out of room on the floor, have no fear! Everything from storage cabinets to clothing hooks and even your bed can be mounted on the walls. Wallbeds, or Murphy beds as they are also commonly known, are an incredibly useful tool for anyone with limited space — one simple installment and you can increase the functionality of almost any room! Wallbeds attach to the wall on a hinge and can be folded up when not in use, thus opening up more floor space.

Save Space in Small Apartments

It inevitably seems like the bigger the city, the smaller the living space. Many city apartments are quite compact to save on the cost of rent. For cramped spaces, a wallbed is an ideal solution. During the day, it can be folded up to open valuable floor space. Wallbeds make it easier to move about the apartment during the day and allow for activities such as in-home workouts or gatherings with friends and family while they are tucked away.

Make the Most of Multi-Functional Rooms

If you only have guests stay over around the holidays or a few times a year, a guest room may seem like a waste of space. While it is convenient to have somewhere to make friends and family feel at home for a few days, what about the rest of the time? With a wallbed, you can keep the bed folded up and out of the way when not in use. This makes it easy to combine a guest room with an office space, exercise room or even an art or craft room. Additionally, wallbeds can be combined with a desk for an office space, or they can have a closet organizer attached to them with everything hidden behind walls for extra storage space. No longer will that guest room sit unused for months on end. With a wallbed, you can utilize the space to its full potential.

No Need to Sacrifice Quality for Convenience

Many people have the preconceived notion that wallbeds are inherently uncomfortable. That’s simply not true! Like any product, there is a wide range of quality. It’s important to purchase your wallbed from a reputable supplier. Closets by Design can provide gorgeous, high-quality wallbed options for any room. Whether you are on the hunt for a comfortable double bed for your bedroom, a convenient single bed for your child’s bedroom or a wallbed combined with a desk for increased functionality, Closets by Design’s innovative, cozy Designbeds are the way to go.

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