Innovative Ideas Drive Attention for Franchise Development

A child's closet organized with tips from Closets by Design.

Innovative Ideas Drive Attention for Franchise Development

Most entrepreneurs are aware of the benefits of starting a franchise. That’s why they’re interested in franchising in the first place. The idea of partnering with an established brand that already has a time-tested and successful business model is an alluring proposition. What they might not realize are all the extra benefits they can take advantage of when they partner with the right franchise.

It’s important to work with a dedicated and responsible franchisor that’s willing to think outside the box. That way you can take your franchise to a whole new level. That’s just what happened during our latest marketing campaign, Camp Kid Clutter Busters!

Helping Customers and Supporting Franchisees

Our most recent campaign, Camp Kid Clutter Busters, was a huge success for both franchisees and customers alike. Pretty much everyone knows how messy a home can get during the summer. With the kids being home from school and everyone staying busy, clutter can quickly get out of hand. Who you gonna call? Camp Kid Clutter Busters!

Our creative marketing campaign focused on helping customers deal with summer stress. The campaign provided helpful tips for parents to keep clutter under control. This advice included adding double hanging rods to kid’s closets to increase the available space while also making the closet more accessible for the little ones. We also showed customers how to maximize space and minimize messes by using bins and baskets. The result was a marketing campaign that customers could appreciate, and news outlets couldn’t get enough of!

Making Your Message Known in Local and National Markets

Thanks to the inventive messaging of our marketing partner, 919 Marketing, media markets across the country picked up the Camp Kid Clutter Busters Campaign! Stories in major markets like Detroit, MI and Cincinnati, OH were featured on TV and online. This resulted in hundreds of thousands of impressions for our franchisees. Not to mention plenty of positive word of mouth for our brand. And the hits didn’t stop at the Midwest. The story was also picked up across the south with stations in Birmingham, AL and Raleigh, NC covering the Clutter Busters campaign.

These featured stories give franchisees a unique opportunity to connect with their communities. It allows them to further spread the good word about their businesses. It’s all part of the exceptional ongoing training and support that franchisees can expect when they partner with Closets by Design.