Top Five Hottest Pandemic-Driven Home Improvement Projects

Top Five Hottest Pandemic-Driven Home Improvement Projects

With so many people spending so much more time at home, many now realize how disorganized their living spaces are — resulting in a renovation boom.

Cooped-up Americans have had extra time to discover what isn’t working in their homes — from cramped closets, to pantries packed with pandemic essentials, or insufficient home office setups struggling to accommodate remote working and learning needs.

Google trends reveal searches for the term “Home Organization” are at an all-time high right now. Posts featuring beautifully organized storage spaces on Instagram and Pinterest are a huge source of inspiration for homeowners.

Recent surveys reveal:

  • The average homeowner spent $17,140 on improvements during the pandemic.
  • More than three-quarters of United States homeowners reported doing at least one home improvement project since March.
  • 58 percent completed an interior home improvement project.
  • 78 percent said they plan to start a home improvement project in the next 12 months.

Closets by Design, the nation’s leading home organization franchise, has put together a list of the Top Five Hottest Pandemic-Driven Home Organization Projects.

Closet Craze –  While closets have always been the number-one focus of home organization for Closets by Design, the pandemic has brought about new reasons for closet renovations. People are feeling claustrophobic with their clutter. Stay-at-home orders gave people time to purge their closets and reevaluate their space. This made way for closet upgrades to make these storage spaces more efficient as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Push for Pantries – Americans have been stocking up on groceries and household supplies with not a lot of places to put them. People are spending 128 percent more on groceries per week. In-home eating accounted for 88 percent of all eating and drinking occasions. Because bulky items like toilet paper and paper towels can take up a lot of space.  If the pantry is not designed and organized for maximum efficiency, it creates storage limitations which can be frustration.  Therefore, many people are choosing to focus on this area of the home for their upgrade project.

Office Obsession – Roughly 40 percent of Americans are working from home, according to several recent surveys. Remote work is becoming a permanent part of the labor landscape. Many people created home offices out of spaces they may have previously used for storage. Some people find themselves using their family’s living space such as their kitchen table or bedroom for their work space.  Creating a dedicated  office space in the home can be a work life-saver and also may be tax-deductible – you should speak with your tax professional to find out what your options are.

Geared-Up Garages – For those homes that don’t have a dedicated pantry, the garage is a hot spot for storage. Homeowners are adding cabinets to hold the extra toilet paper, cleaning products and canned goods they have stocked up on.  Spending more time at home has also motivated people to use the garage as more than a space to park the car. The home organization experts at Closets by Design have turned garages into craft rooms, gardening centers, and makeshift gyms.

Kid Clutter Cure – With kids’ activities canceled and distance learning in effect, kids have been out of their normal routine and spending a lot more time at home. Parents have really found out how much clutter kids generate and how quickly even the most organized home can turn into a catastrophe. Parents are putting extra effort into kids’ closets and play spaces to cut down on the clutter around the entire house and teach kids organization and responsibility in the process.

Are you in need of a pandemic pick-me-up around your home? Closets by Design is always ready to help you spruce up your space. Schedule your free design consultation with one of our designers today.

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