Designing a Happier Life: The Satisfaction of Self-Employment

A husband and wife working from their home office.

Designing a Happier Life: The Satisfaction of Self-Employment

What does happiness look like to you?

Is it getting up in the morning and fighting the morning traffic only to find you’ve got yet another new project waiting for you on your desk?

Is it wanting to spend more time with your family, but instead spending another late night at work or another weekend playing catch-up?

For millions of American workers, their jobs are far from the picture of happiness. They spend years working to advance someone else’s dream, never realizing they’re keeping their own dream and their own happiness on the back burner.

Finding Happiness in Challenges

Happiness and job satisfaction comes from constantly learning and growing. At Closets by Design, you might think you’ll need woodworking or manufacturing experience, but that’s not the case. Experience in sales and marketing is helpful but by no means a requirement.

As a CBD franchisee, you’ll have the safety of our established business and sales model along with the support of our corporate team. You’ll have all the initial training you need to get you started, along with ongoing support for continued business expansion. Each client project presents a new opportunity to grow.

Are YOU the Right Person?

At Closets by Design, we help homeowners organize their lives. It’s a special, yet rewarding, task that requires a determination and tenacity. What makes the right person? We look for franchisees with:

  • Leadership experience
  • Proven people skills
  • Commitment and follow-through
  • Ability to follow the CBD process
  • A desire to be happier and in control of their life

Studies have shown that entrepreneurs tend to be happier. We help bridge that gap. With Closets by Design, you’ll be in business for yourself, but not in business by yourself! Our team will be there to support you.

Your Future; Your Way!

Let Closets by Design help you paint a different picture for your future, a future where you’re in control of your own destiny — a future where you make the decisions about how much you work. We’re not suggesting that you won’t work hard, and there will surely be a few late nights. The difference is, when you have to make sacrifices, YOU’LL be the one reaping the rewards… not someone else.