Five Ways It Pays to be a Closets by Design Owner

A man and woman looking over business papers in a home office.

Five Ways It Pays to be a Closets by Design Owner

When a stressful job makes you feel too busy to breathe, it may be time to re-evaluate your career. If you’re ready to take the future into your own hands, business ownership may be the right move. Starting a new business from scratch can be difficult, not to mention risky.

Tapping into a franchise system is one way to go down the path of business ownership without making the journey alone. Closets by Design has available locations across North America and becoming an owner can pay off in more ways than one.

1. Financial Freedom

Many entrepreneurs decide to go the franchise route because they are aiming for a certain degree of financial freedom. When you own a business, your paycheck doesn’t come from a higher-up… it comes from the consumer. When you own a franchise, you’re trusting the brand and a proven business strategy to earn those customers. Closets by Design has both. In 2018, the average franchise revenue was about $4.1 million. A Closets by Design franchise is an excellent cash flow business with high gross margins with a low inventory.

2. You Own a Business, But You’re Not Alone

Starting a new business is especially daunting; that’s why many budding business owners consider buying a franchise. As a Closets by Design owner, you’re part of a recognized brand. You’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself. We have a top-notch start-up training program and offer ongoing support through all stages of your business.

3. Career Satisfaction

Taking pride in your work reaches another level when you work for yourself. It’s incredibly satisfying to know you’re in charge of your own destiny. As a Closets by Design owner, you’re the one who benefits from your hard work, rather than a corporation or board of stockholders. Satisfaction also comes from the knowledge that you’re giving others jobs, and you’re ensuring clients feel comfortable and organized in their homes.

4. Investing in Your Future

Many companies match contributions to their employee’s 401(k) funds, but often you would need to work at the company for several years before becoming fully vested — part ways early, and you might not get to keep all the money your company contributed. Becoming a Closets by Design owner is a great way to invest in your retirement. With Closets by Design, you are building an equitable business that you will be able to sell when you are ready to retire. Then, you will be rewarded for all the time you invested in the company.

5. Job Security

New entrepreneurs are, in many ways, taking a leap of faith. Closets by Design owners can find comfort knowing they are investing in a solid industry with a bright future. The home improvement industry has seen substantial growth in recent years as homeowners focus on adding value to their properties. Closets by Design has a more than 35-year history of success and a strong brand identity — homeowners continue to rely on our expertise and our franchisees reap the benefits.

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