Shoppers Enjoying Summer Sales Turn to Closets by Design

Shoppers Enjoying Summer Sales Turn to Closets by Design

Summer is prime time for Closets by Design owners hoping to bask in the glow of seasonal wardrobe changes. Homeowners have tucked away their coats in a long-lost corner of the closet, and hats and scarves are stowed in some secret storage compartment under the bed. Their thoughts circle around what to wear on that upcoming beach vacation, and suddenly it’s time to go shopping. Clothing stores take advantage of the changing seasons by boosting sales in hopes of attracting customers — and Closets by Design owners can reap the benefits. Homeowners sifting through their wardrobes, making changes and adding new purchases, will realize how helpful a custom closet would be.

Make Room for More

Before taking advantage of summer sales, many people will want to shed a few pounds of clothes to make room in their closets and dressers. Out with the old, in with the new! According to a 2018 study by the American Cleaning Institute, 91 percent of Americans engage in spring cleaning. In an earlier study, 71 percent of respondents admit they pay special attention to clothes, closets and drawers during this neatness overhaul. While going through their wardrobes, not only are they making room for new summer clothes, they are also trying to figure out ways to save belongings they don’t need now, but still want to keep. Where can they store these non-essential yet sentimental items? This is the time when many future Closets by Design customers realize they need help getting their closets better organized.

Spend More, Save More

The more money shoppers spend in the clothing stores, the more they take home — prompting them to seek out space-saving tactics. Right now, customers are eager to take advantage of summer savings, and clothing stores are ready and waiting. According to The Checkout, an ongoing shopper behavior study conducted by The Integer Group and M/A/R/C Research, nine out of ten shoppers buy items that aren’t on their list. Of these shoppers, 66 percent say the reason was a sale or promotion, and 30 percent say they found a coupon. So, despite spring cleaning, summer shoppers have more items to fill their closets and will be looking to Closets by Design for help.

It’s Time to Get Organized

With the spring cleaning purge and the summer clothing sales, many people may feel the need to organize their closets. There needs to be space to stash new sandals without throwing out winter boots. And, the mess that comes with unloading new shopping bags may take away from the clean feeling that comes with getting rid of old clothes. This is the time homeowners will want to reassess their tight clothing quarters and think about designing a custom closet that’s right for them.

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