5 Organization Mistakes You’re Making — And What You Can Do to Fix Them

A messy closet full of clothes.

5 Organization Mistakes You’re Making — And What You Can Do to Fix Them

We all want to be more organized. But how do we know if we’re actually getting organized or just rearranging the same mess? Are your organizational improvements helping or hurting your home?

It starts by knowing which organization mistakes you need to avoid to make sure your home looks its best. Here are the top organization mistakes everyone makes, and how you can fix them and organize your life.

1. Storing Clothes Out of Season

One big organizational mistake we see all the time is keeping clothes in your closet that are out of season. You may be asking why you shouldn’t keep all your clothes in your closet all year round. This is a good question that also has a simple answer.

The reason is that clothes can quickly take up a lot of space. This is especially true when it comes to winter coats and other seasonal items. Parkas and winter coats may look luxurious after Labor Day, but they look out of place in the middle of July.

It’s hard to make your closet look organized when it’s so full that it’s about to burst. Make room in your closet to give your clothes and your closet room to breathe. Store your winter clothes away during the spring and summer months to make more room in your closet for a cohesive and organized look you can love all year round. Not only will your closet look better, it will also be easier to find seasonally appropriate clothes for your outfit too.

2. Holding on to Things You Don’t Wear

Another organizing mistake people make is hanging onto things they don’t use or wear. We know it can be hard to let things go, but you’re not doing yourself, or your closet, any favors by holding on to clothes that either don’t fit, need to be repaired, or you just don’t like anymore.

Go through your closet and perform an inventory of your wardrobe. If you haven’t worn a piece of clothing for six months to a year, it’s probably time to donate or recycle it. You don’t need space in your life taken up by things that just weigh you down. Clear out your closet to make room for you to organize the clothes you actually care about.

3. Letting Piles Pile Up

No matter how nicely you stack things, a pile is still a pile. This is true whether it’s your clothes, mail, papers, or books. A mantra for good organization is “a place for everything and everything in its place.” A pile is not a good place for anything.

Items in piles can’t look organized because that’s obviously not where they belong. By adding bins and other storage solutions to your closet or home, you can keep lose items like scarfs, belts, bracelets, and more organized and out of sigh.

Even if your pile is more of a stack, it’s important not to let it get too high. Depending on the clothes, a stack on your closet shelf should never go more than three or four items high. Once you reach a certain height, it stops looking organized and looks more like you don’t have a place for all your clothes.

4. Clutter That is Out of Control

Clutter can be tricky because of the way it sneaks up on us. It starts as a shoebox or shopping bag here and there. Before you know it, there are things commandeering every closets in the house. Even if you’ve carefully arranged each knick-knack, a closets packed to the brim doesn’t look organized. It looks like you have too much stuff!

Try to pare down your items so there are only a few, specially selected things occupying each shelf. That doesn’t mean there isn’t space for your little Picasso’s masterpiece. It means you should be discerning with your decorations to make sure you see all your bric-a-brac in its best light. You can also teach your kids how to be clutter busters and build good habits.

5. Using Your Closet as a Storage Unit

We’ve all been there before. A few extra boxes, maybe some holiday decorations, or a Halloween costume make their way into your closet for a quick fix, with promises that you’ll move them later.

A few days turn into a few weeks, which turns into a few months. More things keep getting added to the closet. Before you know it, you don’t have any room for your clothes!

There is plenty of storage space in your home you didn’t know you had, which means there’s no excuse to let junk pile up in your closet. Save your closet for your clothes instead of turning it into a glorified storage unit.

Let Closets by Design Find Your Organization Solution

It’s easy to make a lot of these simple organization mistakes. That’s why sometimes the best solution is to trust the professionals! A professional designer with Closets by Design can help you set up the perfect system to organize your home and make sure it stays that way. Schedule your complimentary appointment with Closets by Design and start getting organized today!

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