Achieve Laundry Room Efficiency

Achieve Laundry Room Efficiency

There is a hilarious cartoon floating around the Internet that runs roughly along the lines of “I sort the laundry, wash the laundry, dry the laundry, and you want me to fold it, too?!”

If that strikes a bit close to home, know you are not alone. We all have that incriminating pile of clean, unfolded laundry sitting atop the dryer from … was it two weeks ago? Efficiency in the laundry room might feel like a far-off dream, but it doesn’t have to be. Let Closets by Design come in and ramp up your laundry room to maximum efficiency with our line of laundry room cabinetry. Afterward, you might even make it to the ironing!

Laundry Baskets for Everyone

Keeping clothing sorted and organized during the week makes laundry day much easier. Each family member should have a hamper, preferably with sorting partitions to keep darks and lights separate.

Then, set up a folded clothes basket for everyone. Fold the clothes as they come out of the dryer, and toss them immediately into the appropriate basket. Kids can then grab their folded clothes and put them away on their own. Closets by Design can easily come in and build a basket holder to fit whatever space you have.

If you find yourself running out of door frames for air drying, try a fold-out drying rack. Ours fold up into the wall to leave plenty of space during non-laundry days.

Everything Has a Place

Laundry is a messy affair, and most people use their laundry rooms to double as storage for cleaning supplies. What this can mean is a whole lot of clutter, and clutter means a major hit to your efficiency. Get it organized by installing cabinets with glass doors that let you easily see what’s stored inside.

Empty powdered detergents into glass containers. Group cleaning supplies in labeled baskets and crates. Keep safety pins and mending supplies in structured, fabric boxes. Put everything in its place, and watch your efficiency soar.

Iron Out the Kinks

With all this time saved on laundry, you might actually get to that pile of ironing! We can install hidden ironing boards in the wall or as a pullout drawer. Keeping all the clothing-related jobs in one spot means less time spent hauling clothing all over your house. Let us make it easy to wash, dry and iron all in the same, convenient spot.

Find a Laundry System That Works

Once you have your efficient laundry room set up, experiment with different systems of getting your laundry done on a regular basis. The best system is the one that works, so don’t stress about doing everything perfectly. Sometimes a quick folding job is all it takes; those corners don’t need to be perfect squares. If you’re looking for some ideas, check out one woman’s system that works for her and her three children.

To discuss designing your ideal laundry room, please contact us. Looking for more ways to organize your home? You might like these posts on the home office and hobby rooms.

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