Five Reasons You Should Tackle Your Chaotic Garage

An organized custom garage from Closets by Design.

Five Reasons You Should Tackle Your Chaotic Garage

If homes had landfills they would probably be in the garage. The attic is too difficult to get to, and the guest room might actually be in use, so the dumping ground for all the “stuff” seems to be the garage.

But the garage is a valuable asset and is designed to provide protection and storage for some pretty high-ticket items, specifically your car. According to the American Housing Survey, 66 percent of all occupied housing units in the U.S. have a garage or carport. Many homeowners use their garage to store junk because they have nowhere else to put it… leaving no room for their precious vehicles. We realize that your garage has some valuable square footage and we want to help you reclaim it!

Reason #1 – Keeping Your Tools Handy

With Closets by Design, your garage can be transformed into the ultimate workspace. Shelving keeps expensive power tools tucked away while our designwall feature allows you to keep your most commonly used tools within easy reach. An organized garage can help make tiresome chores easier.

Reason #2 – No Surprises Under Your Stuff

Who knows what’s lurking in the pile of mess in your garage? Is it that dining room table that’s made two house moves but still hasn’t seen a family meal? Maybe your great aunt’s antique hutch that you’re going to chalk paint “one day soon.” These are both examples of stuff that’s taking up precious space. Use an app and sell them online for quick and easy cash! There could even be buried treasures in those stacks of boxes; maybe long-forgotten video games or sports cards.

Once you’ve gone through the de-cluttering process, let our organization experts help you design spaces where you can stash all the stuff you just can’t part with.

Reason #3 – Creating Space for Your Car

You want to park your car in there! Keeping your car inside your garage protects it against break-ins and theft by hiding it in your garage.  It also keeps your vehicle sheltered from the outdoor elements. Spend less time washing your car, and more time taking it for a spin!

Reason #4 – Realize Your Garage’s Potential

Let us help you see the potential of your new, clutter-free garage. One section can be a workshop with tool storage and project counter-space. Another can be a garden center or a crafting area. And, yes, it will still be possible to fit your car in there.

Reason #5 – More Room for More Stuff!

Now that you’ve got a wonderful new space, you’ll find that you have room for… more stuff! Maybe now you can buy that treadmill you’ve been eyeing or even take up fly-fishing. But here’s the difference: once you’ve organized your garage into a working and useful space, you’ll never be tempted to “junk” it up again.

Dare we say Closets by Design can even make your garage… beautiful? Our Silver II™ Garage System provides a high-end look and modern upgraded accents. We have a variety of color countertops to provide accents to your beautiful garage system.

If you’re ready to reclaim your space and get organized, let Closets by Design help. Contact us today, and we’ll send one of our talented design experts to your home for a complimentary design consultation.

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