What Your Cabinet Color Choice Says About You

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What Your Cabinet Color Choice Says About You

We all have our preferences when it comes to our favorite styles and colors. However, the colors you choose to decorate your home are more than a reflection of your taste. Have you ever thought about what your closet color says about you? There’s a lot more that goes into your color choice than you realize, and you may not even notice it!

It turns out that the colors and shades we surround ourselves with can have a profound impact on our lives. In fact, the colors in your home do more than reveal your personality traits; they can affect the mood and behavior of you and your guests.

Depending on the room and how you use it, you may want to adjust the color of your cabinets and closets to better reflect what you want from your space.

Here is what you need to know about what your cabinet color is saying and how you can pick the right color to perfectly complement your home.

Browns and Woodgrains Convey Security and Sincerity

A custom walk-in closet with a wood finish.

Brown is a popular color when it comes to cabinets and closets. However, this isn’t just because of the materials! Brown is a color people find in nature, so wood grains and browns can communicate feelings of security and reliability. This is a big reason why browns go a long way to helping your house feel like home!

Decorating your home with a lighter woodgrain can help conjure a feeling of genuineness in your room. Meanwhile, darker browns evoke a natural warmth in the home that also communicates comfort. Be sure to balance browns with other, brighter colors to create a room that feels both positive and protective.

Use Warm Colors to Create Cheerful Rooms

When planning a color scheme for your home, it’s important to consider what you want to achieve with each room. Is this a room for quiet and relaxation or a lively living room where people gather and talk? Make sure you’re choosing the right color for your cabinets to send the right message.

For example, if you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, especially with your family, then you may want to opt for a motif that is bright, cheerful, and conducive to happy and positive attitudes while cooking and eating.

Lighter and brighter colors on the warmer end of the spectrum convey a sense of happiness and well-being that can extend to both you and your guests. These include reds, yellows, and oranges to help you feel active and alert.

Bold Black Represents Elegance and Perfection

A walk-in closet with on-trend black and white decor.

Black is always a bold choice when it comes to colors. There’s no question that black is always a strong statement, but the choice to go with black also reveals a lot about you and your own personality. If you love the look of a sleek black finish for your cabinets, then you may be a powerful perfectionist at heart!

While some people may view black with negative connotations, many people see black as symbolizing power, elegance, and formality. Another great thing about black is that it goes with everything! Just like how your “little black dress” is the most versatile piece of clothing in your closet, black cabinets and doors are the perfect complement to any room.

White is a Blank Canvas for Purity and Goodness

A custom walk-in closet with a white finish.

White is another option that says a lot with a minimalist look. Traditionally, white has come to symbolize purity and innocence in Western culture. This is a major reason why the color is so associated with wedding dresses. But it wasn’t always that way!

Actually, white wasn’t a popular color for wedding dresses until 1840, when Queen Victoria wore a white dress when she married Prince Albert. At the time, white was worn as a color for mourning. Of course, once the royals started a new trend, everyone wanted to get on board, just like today!

And white does more than represent a world of possibilities and a fresh start for every room. White also has a practical application by making rooms feel larger and more spacious. This is especially helpful if you’re dealing with an apartment or smaller room.

Connect with a Designer to Find the Right Color For You!

What do you think you want your cabinets and closets to say about you? Do you already have an idea of the kinds of colors you want to work with on your next upgrade? That means it’s time to speak with a professional Designer at Closets by Design! Schedule your free design consultation and find the perfect palette for your home today!

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