Care for Your Car: Get Your Garage in Order

Care for Your Car: Get Your Garage in Order

Ah, fall. The season for warm apple cider, colorful leaves and curling up with a book while the rain beats against the window. Unfortunately, that last luxury comes with a hitch.

The inclement weather that heralds the season’s arrival is bad news for your car. Rain, sleet and hail might be all in the line of duty for the mail carrier, but they do a number on your vehicle’s paint job and can even damage its inner workings.

The simplest solution is to store your car safely in the garage, but that’s easier said than done in a garage filled with clutter. If you want to protect the thousands of dollars you’ve invested in your car, there’s only one thing to do. Time to get organized!

Step 1: The Game Plan

When Benjamin Franklin said, “Without a plan, you plan to fail,” we’re pretty sure he was referring to cleaning out a garage. If you dive right in, you’re likely to find yourself standing exhausted, hours later, in the middle of a bigger mess and no clear plan for moving forward.

Instead, put together a list of priorities. Break down every to-do item on your list into one of these three overarching steps: “Clear It Out,” “Give It a Home” or “Put It Away.” If you’re not sure where to begin, give us a call and schedule an in-home consultation. Your designer can give you tips and ideas from previous storage solutions they’ve helped to create!

Step 2: Clear It Out

To get space in your garage, you’ll need to make space. The easiest way to give yourself a little elbow room is to get rid of anything you no longer want or need.
Whether it’s the bike your child has outgrown, the “bargain” power tools you never use or just everyday trash, you’re likely to find some unwanted items once you start looking. Donate them, sell them or toss them. You don’t need them anymore!

Step 3: Give It a Home

Once you’ve settled on what you’re going to keep, your next job is to give everything a home. Break down the layout of your garage into stations, such as “sports equipment” or “construction materials,” and our designers can help you find the perfect storage solutions specifically tailored to each station’s needs.

Got a woodworking station? You’ll need lots of shelf space for tools and counter space to lay out your work. Bins, drawers and storage racks are musts for sporting equipment. Hang your sharp gardening tools away from little hands or careless feet. And don’t forget to leave space for the car!

Step 4: Put It Away

At last, you can put everything away and finally pull your car in out of the elements. Use this step as a way of checking your work so far. Is it easy to put away your belongings? If not, they’re likely to end up cluttering the garage floor again.

Make the necessary adjustments, and then stand back, enjoy what you’ve accomplished, and maybe post some “Before and After” pictures online to make all your friends jealous. You’ve earned it!

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