A Dream Closet for Kaszmeir

Kaszmeir, an 18-year-old with COPD, see her custom closet and bedroom makeover for the first time.

A Dream Closet for Kaszmeir

When most kids with debilitating illnesses speak to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, they reach for the stars and ask for a trip. 18-year-old Kaszmeir of Milwaukee is no different. Her dream is to visit Paris. Unfortunately, her medical condition doesn’t allow her to travel by air. So, Make-a-Wish and Closets by Design of Milwaukee teamed up to bring Paris to her – with a one of a kind bedroom makeover!

Kaszmeir was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (or COPD) in September 2018. COPD is a chronic, life-threatening lung disease that compromises her lung function. The condition is rarely seen in someone so young. The Mayo Clinic says most people are at least 35 to 40 years old when they experience the first symptoms of COPD.

A Need to Help Those in Need

Constant breathing tests, blood work, X-rays, and medication are the new normal for Kaszmeir. She also needs an oxygen tank by her side 24/7 to help her breathe. Because of this, she spends a lot of time at home – and like most teens, in her bedroom.

“When we first heard about Kaszmeir’s wish, we immediately wanted to help,” says Doug Gauert, owner of Closets by Design of Milwaukee. “She is struggling with a difficult disease. We knew we could design something to make her happier and more comfortable at home.”

Gauert and his team went right to work. The Closets by Design team installed not one but two closets in the small home where Kaszmeir lives with her grandmother, a sister, an uncle and a cousin. The room was then decorated with vintage pieces that Kaszmeir helped pick out.

A Custom Closet to Bring Paris Home

“This doesn’t even look like my room,” exclaimed Kaszmeir when she walked into her new Parisian themed bedroom for the first time. “I’m truly stunned. Everything is perfect.”

Kaszmeir loves history, old-school music and reading. Her favorite movie stars are Julie Andrews, Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. She enjoys watching “Casablanca” and episodes of “I Love Lucy.” Since Kaszmeir is a bit of an “old soul” and has very particular tastes, the old-fashioned Parisian style room compliments her favorite things.

Supporting Family for their Sacrifices

Closets by Design also surprised Kaszmeir’s grandmother with a new closet. The surprise was to honor all the sacrifices she has made for her granddaughter.

“It’s very important to me personally to give back to my community. I’m proud of my team at Closets by Design for all their hard work on this project,” adds Gauert. “Also, the look on Kaszmeir’s face when she saw her room for the first time will forever be imprinted in my heart.”

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