Easy Ways to Declutter Your Summer

Easy Ways to Declutter Your Summer

Finally — SUMMER! Warm weather, family get-togethers, and more opportunities to get out of the house. The kids are out of school and keeping busy with activities galore, which may be keeping you busy with the extra tidying up you’re having to do. Keeping up with organizing the kids’ belongings can be a task, but it is possible to prevent their stuff from cluttering up your entryway. Finding easy solutions to keep your summer organized and tidy will make this exciting time that much more enjoyable for you and your family. Here are a few ways Closets by Design can help keep your family organized this summer:


  • Design a closet close to your entryway and assign it as the place for all summer belongings.

Whether it’s a large or small closet, customizing an entryway closet will help your entire family stay organized. Closet features such as shoe racks, hanging rods, hooks and shelves are simple yet effective elements to ensure everything has a place. Shoes, sweatshirts, beach chairs, sports equipment — you name it — there can be a specific place for it in your customized closet.


  • Mudrooms are a great choice when it comes to keeping your family’s clutter out of your living space.

Your kids can’t clutter up your entryway if your entryway is a room meant for clutter! A mudroom acts as the barrier between the elements of the outdoors and indoors. Homeowners can customize their mudrooms with shelves, hanging rods, drawers, hooks, sliding chrome-wire baskets and other storage solutions. These can all help your family stay organized while keeping your house clean, and the outdoors, well… outdoors.


  • Customized garages are larger spaces fit to hold all of the summer belongings you and your kids could ever imagine.

Garage features, like wall-mount accessories for fishing rods and bicycles, are sure to keep your summer extra tidy. You don’t have to dread the tedious cleanup after going out and having fun with your family. Utilizing storage space in your garage before even entering your house is a foolproof way to keep your home free of clutter this summer.


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