Garage Organization Made Easy

Organized Garage

Garage Organization Made Easy

Garage organization is on the top of many to-do lists. While the primary purpose of a garage is to provide safe storage for vehicles, most garages have become storerooms for all the things we can’t (or don’t want to) keep inside the house. In fact, many garages are so packed with clutter that there’s not even room for a car. It’s estimated that only 30% of us actually park our cars in the garage!

If you’re ready to tame the clutter and tackle garage organization once and for all, follow these simple suggestions.

Make a Plan

Before you start dragging stuff out of your garage, think about how you want it to look after it’s clean and organized. Do you have sports equipment that you’d like to access quickly? Would you like to incorporate a workbench or gardening table into your garage? Do you need cabinets for storing cleaning and automotive supplies? If you can’t quite visualize where everything should go, the experts at Closets by Design can help you come up with a plan to get your garage organization off to a proper start. We’ll send a professional designer to your home for a free consultation. After measuring your garage and assessing your storage needs, we’ll create a custom design specifically for you.

Sort Your Stuff

Once you have a plan, it’s time to empty the garage. Depending on how much stuff you’ve accumulated, you may need to set aside a full weekend to complete your garage organization project. Check your local weather forecast and make sure it’s not expected to rain. You’ll need to leave things in your driveway as you sort and organize.

Begin by creating four piles: Keep, sell or donate, recycle, and toss. Then start going through everything. Keep only the items you need and use regularly. If you haven’t used something in the last two years, chances are you won’t use it again. If it’s something that can be sold easily at a garage sale or an online marketplace, put it in the sell pile. Tools, planters, and outgrown bikes are only a few of the items that get snapped up quickly. If, however, you prefer not to hassle with selling your belongings, donate them to your favorite charity. Check with your local government to see where to dispose of hard-to-recycle items, such as old paint, batteries, and LED light bulbs. Throw out anything that’s broken, expired, or obsolete (like that box of cassette tapes in the back corner).

Focus on the Floor

With everything out of the garage, now’s the time to clean the room. Clear away any cobwebs, sweep or vacuum the floor, and scrub away any oil or chemical spots left by your car or lawn equipment. If you want to make your garage truly exceptional, consider adding DesignFloor™.  DesignFloor is a interlocking sturdy tile system offered by Closets by Design and comes in a wide array of colors and patterns that will make your garage the envy of anyone who sees it.  And the best thing about our garage flooring is you can walk and drive onto it right away, no waiting for paint to cure and harden.  Use it the day it gets installed.

Utilize Vertical Space

When you begin putting your items back in the garage, don’t pile everything on that beautiful new floor. Remember that you have an abundance of storage space available on the walls and even the ceiling. With a wall storage system from Closets by Design, you can mount skis, golf clubs, bicycles, and other sports equipment to give your garage organization a tidy touch. Wire shelf accessories and bins provide an ideal space for storing lawn care products. Hooks are perfect for keeping rakes, mops, and hoses out of the way but still within easy reach. If you want to keep some items behind closed doors, consider adding a custom garage cabinet or a built-in closet. With the right combination of cabinets, shelving, and wall accessories, you can turn your garage into a well-organized storage area, and bring that car back inside where it belongs

Schedule Your Garage Organization Consultation

The professionals at Closets by Design are passionate about finding the right garage organization system for your needs. For more than 40 years, we’ve offered the highest quality products and services for excellent value. Contact us to learn how we can help you organize your cluttered garage.



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