Top Design Trends for 2022

Top Design Trends for 2022

As we begin a new year, home design trends start to emerge, leading experts to predict what we can expect for 2022 and beyond. As we approach the second anniversary of the start of the pandemic and we continue to spend more time at home, the trends reflect our growing desire to treat our homes as sanctuaries.

Earth Tones and House Plants

One home design trend is all about nature. Earth tones like greens, blues, and browns are now more popular as people move away from stark white and gray, in favor of surrounding themselves with warm tones. The term “biophilia” is also trending. Biophilia is defined as a human tendency to be close to or commune with nature. Designers believe 2022 will see a lot of people using house plants as décor to bring a bit of the outside into their homes.


While people may invite nature into their homes, they still want to keep the dirt out. Mudrooms remain a popular home design trend option, but they have become less of a room, and more of a drop zone, maybe in a corner of the laundry room or the garage. These areas have plenty of storage for shoes, coats, and backpacks in the form of hooks, bins, and cubbies.

Home Offices

During the quarantine period at the start of the pandemic, people were forced to work from home. Some of those people never went back to the office. According to a Gallup poll taken in the fall of 2021, 45 percent of full-time United States employees worked from home at least part of the time in September. Where home offices used to be a luxury, they are now a necessity and a top home design trend. People need a dedicated space so they can keep their work life and their home life separate, a place where they can work and not be disturbed.

Multi-Purpose Rooms

For those who don’t have a room to dedicate to an office, the multi-purpose room has become popular. People have become creative with how they use their space. You may have an office in a corner of your living room. Maybe a spare bedroom doubles as a home gym or a hobby room.

Wall Beds

Another home design trend design that has seen an explosion in popularity is the Wall Bed. The home improvement website Houzz reported that searches for wall beds were up more than 2,000 percent from 2020 to 2021. Being able to fold away the bed during the day so the room can be used for something else goes hand-in-hand with the trend of multi-purpose rooms.

Storage Trends

Organization is a huge home design trend. People are moving away from utilitarian plastic bins and toward baskets made from natural materials as a way to store their things without taking away from their décor. And there is a big demand for hidden storage, including built-in storage units with drawers and cabinets, to keep spaces clutter-free and more relaxing.

Home Design Trends and Closets by Design

Whether you are looking for a home office, a hobby room, a mudroom, or something completely different, our designers will work with you to transform your space while staying within your budget. There are a wide variety of style options to fit your aesthetic. Each Closets by Design location has an on-site manufacturing facility where your project is custom built to order.

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