How Financing Can Help You Get the Project of Your Dreams – Today!

A woman dreaming of a home improvement project.

How Financing Can Help You Get the Project of Your Dreams – Today!

We all have improvements we want to do to our homes. Maybe you want a better closet, or you can’t wait to upgrade the cabinets in your garage. Is it finally time to give your mudroom a makeover? When you own a home, sometimes it can feel like the work is never done! One big obstacle to completing home improvement projects is funding them.

How do you find the right time, and the money, to give your home the love and care it deserves? If you’re working with the right company, you should seriously consider financing your project.

Depending on the size and scope of your improvements, costs can vary dramatically.  And the larger the price tag, the longer we seem to put things off.  Financing can be an effective way to get started on your home improvement dreams today and pay for them tomorrow. Here are some things to consider when you are looking at financing a project for your home.

What are the Terms?

Companies may offer a low-interest or no-interest program for consumers which allows them to pay off the balance within a certain timeframe and avoid paying interest fees. If you are considering one of these programs be sure to understand the terms of the program.  How much, if any is required as a down-payment? How many months do you have to pay it off, interest-free? What happens if you do not pay it off on time, or are late with a monthly payment? All of these questions are important to answer before you commit to a financed project.

Once you understand the down-payment and the timeframe to pay off the balance, you should calculate how much your monthly payment would be over the course of the term and determine if this will fit within your monthly budget.  You may find that you can have a substantial improvement project completed for a small monthly payment amount that will work for you.

Finance Directly with Closets by Design

The most affordable, and probably easiest, option for financing your next home improvement project has actually been sitting right in front of you this entire time. Many Closets by Design locations are proud to offer financing to their customers so their dream projects can become a reality and also be affordable.  Programs vary from 6 to 18-months interest-free financing. Be sure to speak with the friendly experts at your local Closets by Design location to learn more about specifics.

Financing Home Improvements Doesn’t Need to Feel Impossible

There’s no need to hold off on your home improvements. Thanks to affordable financing from Closets by Design, you can get started on your home improvement project today. Call to ask about available special financing at select locations and schedule your free in-home consultation.

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