Hang-Ups: How to Choose the Right Hangers for Your Clothes

Clothes hanging in a closet.

Hang-Ups: How to Choose the Right Hangers for Your Clothes

You may not realize it, but the way you store your clothes has a huge impact on how they look and how long they last. Having the right hangers can make the difference between having the organized closet of your dreams or destroying all your favorite clothes. Here’s what you need to know about picking the right hangers for your clothes to ensure your wardrobe looks great and lasts longer.

Protecting Your Clothes Starts with Your Hangers

It may not seem like much, but clothes hangers are one place where it’s worth it to invest in quality. You don’t want to lose a nice dress or a suit worth hundreds of dollars just because you wanted to save a few bucks on hangers.

The problem is that wire hangers are too light and aren’t sturdy enough to properly hold your clothes. A wire hanger will bend when used to hold heavier fabrics. This can result in warping the shape of your clothes. Furthermore, wire hangers have the potential to wear out the shoulders on your favorite shirts. There’s nothing on a wire hanger to keep your clothes in place, which results in the fabric slipping off the hanger. As a result, your clothes can develop unsightly stretch marks or bunching that keep that favorite top from fitting your shoulders the way it used to.

What are the Right Hangers for My Clothes?

It’s important to invest in sturdy clothes hangers that can easily support the weight of your wardrobe. The truth is that things aren’t necessarily one-size-fits-all when it comes to hangers. Different hangers have different purposes and are best used for specific types of clothes. You’re going to want a different hanger for that cute blouse than you would for something like a suit jacket.

Plastic Hangers

There’s a good chance that you have a decent number of plastic hangers in your closet right now. Plastic hangers are cheap, come in large packs, and aren’t nearly as tough on outfits as wire hangers. While they’re not as nice as some of the other hangers we recommend, a decent plastic hanger will do the trick in a pinch when it comes to most items.

You can use plastic hangers for T-shirts, blouses, button-downs, and other lightweight fabrics without having to worry too much about wear and tear. Still, that smooth plastic doesn’t create much friction, which can quickly lead to a pile on the floor or stretched out collars.

Felt Hangers

A step above the traditional plastic hanger, but still affordable, is the felt hanger. Like plastic hangers, you can buy large packs of felt hangers to stock your wardrobe. This makes them an affordable and convenient option for organizing your closet.

Felt hangers are a cost-effective way to provide enough grip to make your clothes stay put while also freeing up valuable closet space. Velvet has also become a popular alternative to felt hangers when it comes to space-efficient hangers that hold onto clothes without undue stress.

Wood Hangers

Of all the hangers available, the classic wooden hanger is arguably the best option when it comes to storing your clothes long-term. Wooden hangers are study and reliable without being tough on fabrics.

The wide shoulders are a key feature that make wood hangers stand out from the rest. A good hanger should mirror the shape of your shoulders to help your clothes maintain that fresh off the rack look. The wide shoulders combined with sturdy material make wood hangers perfect for heavier items like coats, suits, blazers, and pants.

Upgrade Your Closet and Save Your Clothes

Even the best hangers won’t do much good without the right closet for them. It’s important that your closet is convenient and accessible to ensure you get the most out of your space. Closets by Design can help you create the custom closet of your dreams to keep your clothes organized and looking great all season long.

With custom hanging rods and sliding belt and tie racks, your custom closet from Closets by Design has a place for everything. With so much space to properly hang your clothes, you’ll no longer need to save space with cheap wire hangers or cramming clothes into overstuffed drawers.

Don’t let your closet continue to ruin your clothes with cheap hangers. Invest in quality hangers to protect your clothes and schedule your consultation with Closets by Design to see how you can make the most of your wardrobe with a custom closet today!

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