How to Create an Organized Gift-Wrapping Station

How to Create an Organized Gift-Wrapping Station

Americans love to give gifts and wrap them. We spend an estimated $2.6 billion on gift wrapping supplies. Research suggests most of us get more satisfaction from giving a gift than receiving one.

According to Statista, the average number of gifts people will give during the winter holidays is 14 – and that doesn’t include all the gifts handed out for all the other celebrations like birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries.

Rather than stash random rolls of wrapping paper and ribbons in corners around the house, why not give yourself the gift of a well-organized gift-wrapping station. Here are some ideas to set up a special place to keep your presents under wraps.

Unlike Candy Spelling, , who famously had a three whole rooms dedicated to gift wrapping , you don’t need a lot of space. You can create a gift-wrapping station or dedicated hobby area along an empty wall, in an office or in an extra bedroom. A spare closet would also be a perfect place. What items are needed for the perfect wrapping station, the experts at Closets by Design provides this list of practical solutions to make your gift wrapping a joy.

  • Consider a countertop to serve as the flat surface where you can wrap all your gifts with plenty of space.
  • Use dowel rods under a shelving unit to hang ribbons and wrapping paper for easy access.
  • Install peg board or cork board to hang trays to organize supplies. You can store smaller materials by type such as tape, gift tags, cards, and pens. This will not only save time but save money as you’ll know exactly what you need to replenish.
  • Larger items such as bows, and other fancy gift decorations can be stored in clear containers and placed neatly on the shelves, or you can have drawers or baskets added to your station for additional storage options.
  • You can also place vertical dividers either in a drawer or on a shelf to keep stored crafting supplies organized and discoverable.

The overall system offers a neat and tidy dedicated wrapping space for the person who loves to decorate the gifts they give. The professionals at Closets by Design will customize the space to suit your needs. Schedule a free consultation today to see what your hobby room could look like.

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