How to Organize a Yard Sale and Declutter in 7 Steps

How to Organize a Yard Sale and Declutter in 7 Steps

Clearing out the clutter in your home is a great feeling — especially when it frees up space that’s long been held hostage by unused and unwanted items. When you’re ready to downsize, a yard sale is one way to get rid of gently used items while also earning a little cash. Prepare for a yard sale in seven steps, and then be creative, put on some music and a pot of coffee, and have fun with it. You’ll be clutter-free in no time!

Step 1: Group items.
As you’re cleaning out your garage, shelves and closets, group any like items together in piles. You might have groupings of books, clothing, sporting goods, kitchen items, toys and décor, for example.

Step 2: Advertise.
In addition to signs you post around the neighborhood, go online to promote your yard sale. Take advantage of free avenues, such as local Facebook groups dedicated to yard sales. Post plenty of pictures of items ahead of time, as some people might offer to buy an item on the spot even before your sale.

Step 3: Plan your layout.
Use tables for smaller items, grouped by category, so shoppers can easily see what you’re selling. If you must place items on the ground, place tarps or blankets on your driveway first. It’ll look nicer than concrete!

If possible, display clothing on garment racks. Crumpled-up piles of T-shirts won’t sell, but a tidy row of ladies’ dresses and blouses might attract attention.

Lastly, leave enough space for shoppers to move around easily without bumping into each other or knocking over your displays.

Step 4: Price items to sell.
Don’t expect to earn a ton of money at your garage sale — people are there looking for a bargain. They’ll either try to negotiate pricing with you or will avoid anything that seems overpriced. As a general rule of thumb, price your items at around 20 percent of what you paid for it.

Step 5: Plug in electronics.
Do you want to keep answering the question, “Does it work?” Probably not — so avoid confusion by plugging in any electronics. Not only does it make it easy for shoppers to see items in action, but it also can add a visual draw for passers-by.

Step 6: Stay safe.
Put your money box in a nonvisible location and keep it manned. Lock your windows and doors, and avoid having anyone come inside your house. Take note of where the nearest public restroom is ahead of time so you can give directions if anyone asks to use yours.

Step 7: Designate free items.
Put any items you’re willing to give away in a box marked “Free.” When the yard sale is close to ending, you might start adding items to the box. The goal is to get rid of things you don’t need, not bring them back in the house with you. You can also schedule a donation pickup for unsold items.

What are some other ideas you have for running a successful yard sale? Post them in the comments below!

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