How to “Summerize” Your Garage

Bicycles hanging on a garage wall.

How to “Summerize” Your Garage

Do you know how to “summerize” your garage? It’s all about getting your garage ready for summer fun! Just like you need to change out your wardrobe for summer, you need to do the same for your garage!

During the winter, summer items that go unused tend to get cluttered in the back of your garage and are not readily accessible. You need to have all your summer toys at your fingertips so you can spend less time finding and more time having fun. That’s what we call “summerizing!”

Clear Up Free Space for Summer

Summerizing your garage starts with some long-overdue cleaning. Do you have trouble walking through your garage from front to back? Do you know where everything is? Even if you do, do you have difficulty reaching it? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then it’s probably time for a deep clean to get your garage in order.

Whatever your garage may look like today, the garage organization professionals at Closets by Design can help you take back control of your garage this season.

Go through your garage and start by sorting your stuff. That box of winter coats you haven’t worn in years? It might be time to donate them to a local charity. Those boxes of old papers taking up space can probably be recycled.

Perform a garage inventory to make sure your garage is not full of things you never use. Once you’re done with the cleanup, you can finally get to the fun part and start organizing!

Cabinets Take Your Garage to the Next Level

One of the biggest problems with many garages is a lack of organizational systems. There’s plenty of available space in your garage, but how do you make use of all that empty space? When you install the right organizational system for your garage, it can be incredible to see how much you can store safely and efficiently.

Installing custom garage cabinets takes your garage and turns it into much more than a space to keep your car, or just another room full of stuff. Cabinets help your garage realize its potential! By adding cabinets, countertops, and other organizational features, you can transform your garage into a functional workspace perfect for DIY projects, crafts, and much more.

Use Your Walls with Wall Organizing

A big part of summerizing your garage is finding much-needed extra space for all the stuff you’ve accrued. An effective way to do this is with wall organization.

Wall organizing is a wonderful way to maximize your space. The right wall organization system does more than free up extra space. It also improves the accessibility of your garage. The secret is finding the right system to turn your walls into effective and functional storage space.

You’ll be amazed at how many items can be stored on your walls.  Using a DesignWall system allows you the flexibility to store bulky items like yard tools, golf clubs, bikes, skis, boots, and much more.

Using these types of systems is a great way to save floor space, keep your items in reach and leave room for other items. You can also hang fishing tackle, sports equipment, and other summer gear to save space and keep your summer fun within reach at all times.

Upgrade Your Garage Floors

Here’s a summer upgrade you might not have thought of before: your garage floors. If you’re like many Americans, there’s a good chance you have a simple concrete floor for your garage. Although these floors are tough, they can also become unsightly and are not easy to clean. They can even become dangerous if you spill slippery liquids like oil on them.

It only takes one puddle from a dripping car to create a slippery surface that can turn into a nasty stain. That’s why upgrading your floor for maximum safety and comfort is important for your family.

At Closets by Design, we are proud to offer DesignFloor™ tile systems for your garage flooring. These customizable tile systems look terrific and add much-needed traction to your garage floor. When you upgrade your garage floor for the summer you can make sure the slipping and sliding stay outside while your garage keeps looking great!

And with many color choices to choose from, we can match any decor or help you celebrate your team with your favorite team colors. Work with one of our professional Designers to choose the pattern and color palette that is right for you.

Call Closets by Design to Summerize Your Garage Today

Don’t wait until it’s too late to summerize your garage. Talk to the custom organization professionals at Closets by Design today. Schedule your free in-home design consultation and discover how you can get the most from your garage this summer!

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