Turn Your Closet Into an Instagram-Worthy Storage Space

A stylish and Instagram-worthy closet.

Turn Your Closet Into an Instagram-Worthy Storage Space

We all want to stand out on Instagram. To have an Instagram account that will really impress, you need pictures that are worth more than a thousand words.

You need eye-popping pics that make your friends and followers stop their scroll. Sharing pictures of your closets, home offices, and more are all wonderful ways to add some wow-factor to your feed. But how do you design a closet that’s really Instagram-worthy? Let Closets by Design show you the way to social media stardom, or at least, a pic of your closet you can be proud of.

Here are a few tips you can follow to transform your space into the Instagram-worthy closet of your dreams!

Use Shelves to Their Full Potential

One of the biggest closet crimes we see is when people forget to make full use of their shelves. Closet shelves are there for a reason. Why would you throw a pile of clothes on top of a dresser, or even worse, on the floor, when you have perfectly good shelves you could use?

When you take full advantage of your closet space, you can present your clothes in an organized style that’s sure to make a great impression on Instagram.

Clean Out Clothes You’re Not Wearing

We all know about the KonMari method and how to clean out our closets. It’s all about cleaning clutter out of your life by going through your stuff and getting rid of anything that doesn’t “spark joy.”

That means there’s no point in hanging on to something that doesn’t make you happy. It can be an effective way to clean both your closet and your life!

The real trick is to keep it up and avoid letting extra clothes take over your closet again. Clutter can ruin a picture-perfect closet, and a closet cleanout is the perfect cure.  We recommend doing a closet clean and clear every time you change out your clothing for the next weather season.

Think about it. Wouldn’t a thick winter coat or cashmere sweater, no matter how nice, look weird in an Instagram picture of your closet in the summer? Be sure to organize your clothes by season so you only see the clothes that you wear and nothing you don’t.

Color Coordinate for an Eye-Catching Closet

Shoes arranged by color in a walk-in closet.

It’s time to get coordinated! Color coordination is a wonderful way to really make your closet pop. There are all kinds of benefits to coordinating your closet by color, in addition to it looking awesome!

When you arrange clothes by color, it’s much easier to mix and match different pieces to find that perfect outfit. You should think about organizing by color based on a traditional spectrum (like a rainbow) or set it up like a color wheel for maximum effect.

Don’t Forget Your Shoes, Handbags, and Hats!

A designer handbag on a shelf in a closet.

So, you’ve cleaned out your closet, and you’re using all your shelves to their full potential. Make sure you don’t forget about your shoes, handbags, and hats!

If you have designer shoes or handbags, you’re going to want to show them off on Instagram. The best way to do that is with your organization system. Use your custom shelves to display them proudly and really make an impact on your followers.

Add an Organization System to Keep Floors Free

A custom closet system from Closets by Design

The last thing you want is for all that hard work to be spoiled with a big pile of clothes on your floor. Having a hamper feature in your closet is a wonderful way to avoid the dreaded pile. Don’t let dirty clothes detract from your amazing closet. With a handy hamper to keep the dirty clothes at bay till laundry day, you can always look organized and on top of things on social media.

Let Closets by Design Make Your Closet Picture Perfect

After you’ve followed these steps, you’re sure to have a closet that’s ready to go viral! Not sure where to start? Closets by Design has you covered. Schedule your free design consultation with one of our incredible designers and create the Instagram-worthy closet of your dreams today!

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