Make Way for the Wine Bar

A custom wine rack and organization system from Closets by Design.

Make Way for the Wine Bar

Everyone is spending more time at home these days. As a result, people are finding more creative ways to pass the time and stay productive while they also stay safe. For many people, this means finally getting around to those home upgrades they’ve been putting off for some time. This rise in home improvement projects has coincided with another interesting by-product of quarantine.

With nowhere to go and little to do, alcohol sales have also seen a marked increase during 2020. In fact, sales of alcohol are up 27 percent, with wine sales alone increasing 26 percent. Of course, with all these extra bottles comes a need to find somewhere to store them all in a way that is both functional and looks great!

This where those home improvement projects and Zoom wine dates with the girls combine! Learn what you need to know about how to display your wine the right way and make your pantry and winebar more functional and fashionable than ever.

Dedicated Space for Bottles Makes Room for Other Things

The first step in upgrading your pantry is finding a dedicated space to store your food, bottles, pots and pans, and other kitchen items. Space in your pantry fills up fast, which is why you deserve space devoted to bulky items.

Bottles can take up a lot of space if not stored properly. Worse, you could accidentally knock a bottle of wine off a pantry shelf and break it while searching for dinner.

Adding a wine rack to your pantry system helps provide a place for everything and keep everything in its place. This ensures everything in your pantry has ample room so that it’s easy to store and access.

Where You Store Your Wine Matters

A big part of making space for your wine rack is finding the perfect place to put it. It turns out that where you store your wine is as important to how it tastes as the brand itself.

A beautiful wine rack with bottles shining in the sunlight may look pretty, but it’s actually terrible for your wine. Remember that people store their wine in cellars and caves for a reason.

Sunlight and UV rays are bad for your wine by making amino acids in your wine oxidize, which can impact the taste and flavor of your wine. When you pick a place for your wine rack, be sure to keep it away from windows and natural light.

Don’t Let Wine Get Too Hot

Just like how you don’t want your wine to be exposed to too much sun, you also don’t want your wine to be too hot either. They say that the best temperature to store wine at is a brisk 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Of course, 55 degrees can get chilly awfully fast. You’ll probably need a wine refrigerator or an actual cellar to keep wine this cold.

For the rest of us, your wine should be fine as long as the temperature stays around the 60s or 70s. As long as you avoid storing your wine in a part of your home that’s too warm, such as a laundry room, you should be just fine.

The Right Rack Stores Your Bottles Sideways

This tip is more practical for those of you storing wine in your home for the long haul. If you plan on drinking a bottle in the next few weeks, then you don’t need to worry as much about long term storage. However, how you store wine matters for those special bottles you plan on holding onto for a few years, like a bottle you are saving for your wedding anniversary.

Just like the professionals, you should seriously consider storing your wine sideways rather than upright, at least, if the wine has a cork. The reason for this, beyond it looking impressive in your home, is that storing wine on its side keeps the wine in contact with the cork, which prevents it from drying out. Because the cork doesn’t dry out, it remains expanded and prevents oxygen from entering the bottle and spoiling your wine.

That’s why incorporating wine racks or pull out shelves with lips into your pantry is a wonderful way to ensure your wine is stored properly while also saving space and helping your home look great.

Bars are for More Than Just Alcohol

While storing liquor and wine bottles is the purview of many pantries, you can take advantage of this space for much more than just alcohol. With a little creativity, you can transform your pantry into a beautiful display to complement any room.

Use your bar or pantry to accent the rest of your room and put your favorite things on display. Try storing cookbooks, art, flowers, pictures, and more fun things to brighten your room and add some extra personality to your pantry.

Let Closets by Design Improve Your Pantry

It’s time to put your pantry to good use with an upgrade from the professionals at Closets by Design. Learn how you can transform any space into the wine cellar of your dreams. Schedule your free consultation with Closets by Design today!

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