Maximize on Minimalism With Closets by Design

A man and woman deciding what to keep in their closet.

Maximize on Minimalism With Closets by Design

Minimalism is hot right now, and it is creating the perfect opportunity for you to cleanse your home of clutter. From capsule wardrobes to tiny homes, people are riding a wave of interest in living with less — or at the least, de-cluttering and organizing. People are waging war on their stuff and Closets by Design is there to help them fight the battle with our endless storage possibilities.

Does Living with Less Equal Happiness

You’ll find articles about this all over the internet; less clutter will lead to less stress. One of the most binge-able shows streaming right now is “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” After the show debuted on the streaming service Netflix, there were reports of surges in donations to thrift stores as well as throngs of people shopping for containers. People are being inspired, and Closets by Design can help them achieve their goals.

Expertise Meets a Helping Hand

We are not de-cluttering experts — we’ll leave that up to you. But, we can help you imagine what your totally organized spaces will look like. With a free design consultation, we can help make your minimalist/organized dreams come true, room by room. We’ll provide you with storage options designed specifically for your life. For example: if you’ve managed to pare down your unworn clothing but just can’t bring yourself to say goodbye to a single pair of shoes! Perfect! Closets by Design can accommodate your love with a beautiful wall of slanted shoe shelves. Maybe it’s a collection of cashmere sweaters? A cubby space specifically for those sweaters can fit the bill. That’s one of the things that makes Closets by Design so unique; our wide range of custom closet options and features made to order with quality top of mind.

A streamlined wardrobe is the perfect place to embrace the minimalist trend. If your day begins with one less decision about what to wear and no roadblocks in locating exactly what you are looking for, all the while you’re in a calm, clean, and beautiful environment, then your day is off to a good start. Leave the hassles to traffic and work!

Can Closets by Design be the Inspiration?

Like we said before — we are not de-cluttering experts. BUT, that doesn’t mean our beautiful products can’t provide the inspiration to minimalize. Just one look at our beautifully designed garage systems could motivate a weekend purging. Our garage systems look sleek and clean and are exactly on point. From garages to home offices, to laundries and pantries, Closets by Design offers more services than just closets! Providing whole-home organizing options makes Closets by Design a “one-stop shop” for all your organizing needs.

If you’re ready to embrace the minimalist trend and tackle all that clutter, Closets by Design can help. Contact us today and we’ll send one of our talented design experts to your home for a complimentary design consultation.

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