Elements of a Perfect Mudroom

Elements of a Perfect Mudroom

Cleaning your house is a constant chore, something you need to do before you can move on to the things you want to do. A good vacuum cleaner and the right cleaning products can help you make quick work of the job, but the best way to deal with dirt is not letting it in to begin with. That’s where mudrooms come in.

A mudroom is simply a designated space just inside a home’s entrance, where you can remove your coat and shoes and leave your umbrella and backpack in order to avoid tracking dirt inside your home. Here are some features good mudrooms have in common.

  • Plenty Of Storage

Consider a combination of cubbies, drawers, shelves, and baskets for storing shoes, sports equipment, rain gear, etc. You’ll need to decide if you want open cubbies and shelves where items are handy but may look messy or if you/d rather hide the clutter behind cabinet doors.

  • Hooks

Children are more likely to hang their coats and backpacks on a hook rather than inside a closet on hangers.

  • A Sitting Area

Having a place to sit makes it easier to get your shoes on and off. Consider installing a bench with a flip-up seat for extra storage.

  • Designated Spaces for Each Family Member

Assigning each person their own cubby, shelf, or basket will make it easier for them to find their coat and shoes as they are rushing to get out the door in the morning. Consider adding one for the family pet to hold their toys, keep their leash handy, and store a towel to wipe off wet or muddy paws.

  • Room To Expand

As your kids grow, you’ll need additional space for bigger shoes and more sports equipment. Hooks may need to be moved higher for ease of use and to accommodate larger jackets.

  • Plenty Of Light

Since the area may be small and possibly windowless, you’ll want to use a combination of track lighting and spotlights to make sure it’s well lit.

  • The Right Flooring

You need a surface that’s durable and easy to clean, like tile or wood. Consider adding a washable rug, like a bathmat, and maybe even a mat outside the door to catch some of the dirt before you enter the mudroom. 

  • A Fan or Heater

To help provide a little relief from the heat or cold outside.

A mudroom can be created in the smallest of spaces. All you really need is a wall near the back or side entrance to your house.

If there’s a door leading from the garage into the house, the space next to it could be turned into a mudroom. Laundry rooms can also be reconfigured to include mudroom features. A hallway or staircase landing, or even the front hall closet, can be turned into a mudroom.

The key is designing it to make the best use of your available space, no matter how small. If you only have a narrow corner, be sure to make use of all vertical space, installing cabinets or shelves that reach toward the ceiling. If you only have one wall, shallow shelves that can store shoes and small baskets may be the way to go.

Closets by Design Can Help

Still not sure where you’d fit a mudroom? Closets by Design can help. Our designers will custom design a mudroom that not only fits your available space but also fits in with your home’s aesthetic. Schedule your free in-home consultation to get started today.

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