Seasonal Storage Solutions for Holiday Ease

Seasonal Storage Solutions for Holiday Ease

If you are a decorating diva you probably change your décor with the changing seasons. Favorite holidays are opportunities to display unique items such as centerpieces, dishes, garden flags, knick-knacks, candles, holiday linens, costumes or special clothing (Halloween costume for the dog and matching 4th of July shirts for the family?). This can become quite an accumulation of things that need a home when not in use.

Even if you’re a “one-box-per-holiday” decorating diva, unless you have a plan, seasonal items can be a hassle and get misplaced or buried behind other storage making them inconvenient to use. Have you ever passed over decorating for a special holiday because you couldn’t remember where you stored the decorations?

Here are some tips to help with keeping your seasonal decorations available and ready without using up the space you need for everyday use.

If possible, have one place for seasonal storage

One central location for seasonal storage is the ideal—everything your need for the holidays in one place! This could be a section of the garage, basement or outdoor shed fitted with shelving to accommodate bins or boxes of decorations. If you cannot consolidate holiday storage, by getting creative you can find the space you need. And even though you may not need to access seasonal decorations very often, you do want places that are not difficult to reach.

  • Under-bed storage
  • Closet or empty space under a staircase
  • Top shelves in closets, laundry room, kitchen, pantry or home office
  • Guest room closet can provide lots of storage as well as space for a guest to use

Another option is furniture designed to provide additional storage:

  • Ottomans and coffee tables are serviceable pieces that provide storage
  • Dressers or chests of drawers can provide storage space for smaller items
  • Hutches or credenzas can provide out-of-sight storage as well as display surfaces
  • Storage benches provide seating and storage space

If you do have multiple storage locations throughout your home and garage, make a list of where everything is so you’ll be able to find “Valentine’s Day” quickly when you need it. The more scattered your seasonal and holiday storage, the greater the possibility of losing or forgetting what you have.

User-friendly storage

Whether you’ve spent years collecting things to brighten your holidays or you’re a newbie, you want to protect your stored treasures. How you pack things away can make the difference between enjoying them year after year or having to continually buy replacement pieces.

    • Breakables should be carefully wrapped
    • Plastic, see-through bins let you see what’s inside
    • Plastic containers with lids repel moisture, rodents and insects, the nemeses of any storage
    • One bin per holiday or season or you can double up
    • Accurately label each container
    • Group storage bins or boxes together by season
    • Purge no longer needed or wanted decorations each year
    • Use as many same-size, stackable containers as possible to maximize space
    • Largest and heaviest containers on the bottom; lightest on top
    • Don’t overload bins; dropping a heavy box of dishes or glassware can spoil your day


Swapping out storage space

When bringing out special holiday decorations, put away the everyday items to avoid a cluttered look. Rather than needing additional space to store the removed items, they can go into the emptied seasonal containers. Simply swap out the existing with the new things you want to display or use. For example, if you have a spring/summer comforter set and a fall/winter comforter set, an under-bed storage bag holds whichever set is not in use. You don’t need storage for both sets.

Or the Christmas dishes; they can be stored in the (extremely unhandy) cabinet above the refrigerator and swapped out with the everyday dishes at Christmas time. The rest of the year you don’t have to consider that unhandy cabinet, it’s dedicated to Christmas dishes and it’s not wasted space.

Holiday and seasonal decorating should not be a chore; its purpose is to enhance the enjoyment of the season for you, your family and friends.

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