Seven Organizational Tips = Less Back-To-School Stress

Seven Organizational Tips = Less Back-To-School Stress

It’s coming….. The back-to-school shopping season. And it’s bringing all the stress that you forgot about since school ended. Now you have stop spending lazy days of unscheduled fun with your kids, and replace it with crowded shopping malls, rude clerks and cranky kids on your endless hunt for school supplies. Desks are being cleared of summer toys and replaced with crayons, folders, glue sticks, pencils and books. Kids dread this day and will do everything in their power to make it more difficult. Talk about a high stress level!

Even if you’re the most organized mom on the block, back-to-school season is the time where everything seems to be chaotic. Less your stress by following these seven simple organizational tips:

  1. Make an inventory: Step 1 in making the back-to-school bustle easier is to clear out all the junk
    Your kids have accumulated over the summer. Do an inventory of any supplies you have on hand. Most schools have back-to-school shopping lists available in July. Check online, at office supply stores and retail stores like Walmart & Target for the list. Determine what you have and what you need and go from there.
  2. Get School Supplies Early and Organize Them. Lower the stress by shopping for school supplies early – beat that last minute, first day of school frenzy. Many stores and outlets start their school sales midsummer. Once the shopping bags are home, pack up the back packs for each child and you’re done.
  3. Create space with a closet organizer: It’s amazing how much more you can fit into a closet that has an organization system installed. Clothes, shoes and stuff for all seasons can fit neatly into one closet. No more searching under your bed, in laundry baskets or on the floor for just the right outfit. And that means less stress in the mornings.
  4. Designate space just for backpacks: Just like at school, it’s a great idea to have a special place for backpacks and bags at home. You’ll have more room to go about your lives when school is out for the day without tripping over bag and shoes. And getting out the door in the morning is easier when your kids know where their backpacks, books, and shoes are. It’s easy to install hooks or small locker-style spaces in your garage, laundry or mud room. Grab and go – that’s the motto in our house.
  5. Design a comfortable work space: The best learning environments are quiet, clean spaces that are designated for studying. Before school starts, create a comfortable work space for homework in your child’s bedroom or other designated area. Make sure there is good lighting, no distractions and lots of storage space, so your kids can stay focused and organized throughout the school year.
  6. Make organizing fun for kids: If your kid’s room is a mess, try to make cleaning out fun. Make it a game – Throw dirty clothes into a basketball hoop hamper. Turn on the music and see how many toys you can pick up before the song ends. How about having a kids’ garage sale for all their unwanted toys and they can keep the money from the sales?
  7. Gently ease into the routine: Routines help children feel comfortable. Switching from a summer schedule to a school schedule can be stressful to everyone in the household. Practice your school routines a few days in advance of the starting day. Set the alarm clock, go through your morning rituals and get in the car or to the bus stop on time. And since you’re all up early, do something fun to celebrate your last days of summer freedom. Enjoy!

Guest Post by Kim Grosser of Closets by Design for The Mogul Mom

Kim Grosser is a mother of two and a true believer in organization. She is the franchise owner of Closets by Design in Cincinnati, and has been working there for more than 13 years. Since 1982, Closets by Design has built a reputation as the nation’s leader in the closet organizing and storage remodeling industry. The company offers customers comprehensive solutions to all their organizational needs in a short and simple process by designing, building and installing custom home offices, closets, garage cabinets, wall units, laundries, pantries, wardrobe mirror doors and other home organization systems. Closets by Design offers a wide selection of finishes, accessories and hardware. There are currently 33 franchise locations serving the U.S. and Canada. or call 888.500.9215.//

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