Simple Pantry Organization Tips

Simple Pantry Organization Tips

Want to cut your food budget and reduce the time you spend preparing meals for your family? Pantry organization can help you do both. These simple tips will show you how to store food to avoid waste and simplify meal prep.

Group items that are used together

When it comes to pantry organization, utilize the “like with like” system and group similar items together. For example, store your oils in the same section. Put your pasta in one place. Designate a part of the pantry for all of your baking supplies, flour, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, and vanilla. That way, they’ll be easy to find the next time you are searching for something.

Another fun fact, not all foods make good neighbors. Flour absorbs odors from other foods, so it’s best to keep it away from strong spices like curry powder and aromatics like garlic or onions. It may seem natural that potatoes and onions, which are usually kept in the pantry, would be stored together, but that’s the last thing you should do. Onions release gases that can cause your potatoes to spoil faster.

Adjustable shelves in a pantry can be moved to accommodate different-sized items. Closets by Design can replace the wire shelving in your pantry with solid shelving that allows you to change the height of the shelves.

Got kids? Create a snack station on a lower shelf that they can easily reach. It is a perfect spot to store granola bars and other healthy snacks so your kids can help themselves and they will have access to the snacks you want them to enjoy.

To help pantry organization, Closets by Design installs special wire baskets that are a great storage option for root vegetables because of the open design.

Store flours, pasta, and cereal in clear containers

Have you ever reached for the cereal box, only to find someone put it back in the pantry when it was almost empty? Or find that the cereal is stale because someone didn’t shut the box properly? If the cereal is in a clear container, you’ll know at a glance that you are running low and need to pick up more the next time you go grocery shopping. This pantry organization tip will help prevent you from buying something you have plenty of and can also protect the food in your pantry from pests.

Storing flours, sugars and other baking ingredients in a clear container is one simple way to avoid picking up odors from other foods. It will also protect them from moisture and help them last longer.

Rotate the canned goods

Most of us probably unload the groceries and place the new can of beans in front of the old ones. So that’s the one we’ll grab when we’re cooking dinner. Meanwhile, the ones in the back are approaching their expiration date, and we eventually wind up throwing them out. It’s best to stock the new items in the back so you will use the older ones first. It takes a little more effort but it will pay off in the long run.

Rotating canned goods is a simple pantry organization task if you have shelves that pull out to give you a clear view of what they hold. Pull-out shelves are just one of the features you can choose as part of a pantry makeover by Closets by Design. They install dividers and drawers to simplify storage, based on what you need. Click here to get some idea of what your new pantry could look like.

It doesn’t matter how big or how small your pantry is, Closets by Design can redesign the space so it works for you. Schedule a free in-home design consultation today and see for yourself.


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