Six DIY Craft Trends You Can Sell to Make Money (and How to Store All Those Supplies)!

Six DIY Craft Trends You Can Sell to Make Money (and How to Store All Those Supplies)!

From making masks to baking bread, many of us have found a new hobby these days and these leisure pursuits may be able to use these DIY craft trends to bring in a little extra money for the household.

According to, an online platform where crafty entrepreneurs sell their handmade goods, at-home craft businesses increased 72 percent last year. Another study revealed at least 6 in 10 Americans invested in new hobbies since the start of the pandemic.

If you are thinking about turning your handmade hobbies into cash, here are six DIY craft trends that could bring you some extra income.

Candle Making

People who want to create a calm atmosphere at home while building a profit are waxing poetic about making candles. Candle making is one of the top DIY craft trends of 2021. You can purchase a basic candle-making kit and experiment with essential oils and wax. Then, have fun by making unique scents and filling various containers with your aromatic creations.

DIY Furniture Rehab

Take something old and give it new life. Rehabbing used furniture is all the rage, and it’s a fun way to make some extra cash. Visit your local flea market or resale shop and find whatever blank canvas suits your fancy. Add a funky coat of paint to a plain wooden chair or distress a dresser to make it shabby chic. Then, take your find back to the flea market to sell it or list it online!

Tie-dye and Shibori

We didn’t just make peace with tie-dye in the 60s; the colorful DIY craft trend is back and bolder than ever. You can buy blank t-shirts in bulk and easily brighten them up with a myriad of colors. The ancient Japanese art of shibori is also making a comeback. It involves binding fabric and dipping it in a natural indigo dye. We know you’re “dye-ing” to try it!

Tote Bags

Sewing machines sold out during the pandemic, and this craft may be one of the reasons why! From sewing together tote bags from scratch to embroidering custom initials on a blank canvas, making and designing totes has become a top crafting trend. The ideas are limitless, and there is always a demand for that perfect tote that will carry just about anything.

Digital Downloads

This craft doesn’t require a needle and thread, just a keen eye for graphic design. Digital downloads are in huge demand. You create a design then the buyer downloads a copy and uses however they please. This is perfect for anyone who wants to have a special sign, unique invitations, or custom labels.

Punch Needle Embroidery

Rather than stitching through a surface, a punch needle pushes thread or yarn into a fabric. Perfect for anyone who wants to fidget with their hands, punch needle embroidery is great for pillows and wall art. You can purchase a starter kit and master the craft.

Make Room for your Craft

Whether your hobby is a fun outlet or a money-making occupation, it requires a special space with plenty of space for storage and organization – something Closets by Design knows a lot about! A custom hobby room by Closets by Design will give you the space you need to help you meet your full potential.

During a free no-obligation in-home consultation, our designers will collaborate with you on an exciting craft, art, or sewing room design. We will figure out what features will work best for your needs and supplies. Everything will be custom designed to keep your items organized and at your fingertips. Your design can be as simple or as fancy as you desire and we work within your budget, too.

Make an appointment today for a free in-home design consultation!

  • Lori Woldt
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    Wall bed
    Storage for crafts

    storage above washer & dryer
    possible shelves in garage

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      Hi Lori,
      Those are some of our favorite projects! Give us a call at 1-800-500-9210 to schedule a free no-obligation in-home consultation. You can also schedule a request online through this link –


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