Spring Cleaning Part 2: Designing a Rustic Garden Shed

Spring Cleaning Part 2: Designing a Rustic Garden Shed

Few things in life are quite as therapeutic as gardening in sun-warmed soil. Not only do we get to bring beauty and tasty veggies into our gardens, but it’s supposed to be a great workout, too. Because we love gardening, we are dedicating this month to building a rustic, country garden shed right in your own garage.

The Rustic Style

The country, rustic style employs wood, clay pots, tin and other natural elements to create a sense of country simplicity. The style also tends to look nice with a little well-placed clutter, so if perfectly clean counters aren’t a reality for you, this style will be quite forgiving. This Pinterest board has some beautiful country gardening ideas. You’ll notice that this style works best with some old-fashioned charm, so you may have just found your antiquing excuse.

Garden Shed Essentials

Whether you want to install a shed in your backyard or garage, or simply dedicate a section of your garage to your hobby, there are many ways to create your own gardening alcove. We recommend starting with a few essentials to get your garden center up and running.

Plenty of Storage Space

Include plenty of shelf space so you can store tools, soil, pots, seeds, etc. To keep the rustic feeling, try storing things in wooden crates stained to match your décor. As with every project, a little planning goes a long way. Think about what you’ll use every day, and make it accessible.

Creating scale drawings of your space using graph paper helps you decide where to put cabinets and shelves. If you find yourself wanting bigger changes, consider calling us to help. We can design out spaces and install custom shelving and cabinetry to meet your every need!

Potting Bench and Table

A potting bench is a must to give you space to move plants to new pots and give droopy vegetables some TLC. It can be as simple as an extra-wide shelf attached at table height or a real table if your space is big enough. The major benefit of a potting bench is that it moves some of the heavy work of gardening from a kneeling position to a sitting position, and believe us, your back will thank you!


You don’t want to sit and work in a dark space lighted by a bare lightbulb. Instead, let that natural light stream in and create the perfect gardening atmosphere.

Rustic Clutter

This is your excuse to DIY all of those rustic craft ideas you’ve been saving on Pinterest. Grab some old lanterns and mason jars. Use antique hangers and hooks to suspend your tools from the ceiling. Grow herbs from cute wooden boxes. Get creative and have fun!


If you enjoyed this garden shed tutorial, you might like our articles about creating a modern toolshed and hobby rooms. To discuss designing a garden center or any other custom spaces in your home, please contact us.


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