Media Room Design Ideas

Media Room

Media Room Design Ideas

When you hear the term “media room”, you may think of a very large space with a gigantic television mounted on the wall in front of rows of reclining-style seats. What you are picturing is actually a home theater. A media room can be so much more. It’s a space where family and friends gather to not only watch television but also play games or simply hang out. It can be a separate room in your house or it can be designed to fit in an existing space.

Here’s a look at the best way to design a media room to make the most of your available space.

The Right Room for Your Media Room

It might be a spare bedroom, a basement, or even an upstairs landing. The best location would be one that’s removed from the main areas of the house, so it won’t be noisy. You need to consider how much light the room gets and if it will cause a glare on the television, and if so, you’ll need to purchase blackout curtains. If you are repainting, you might want to consider a darker color to minimize light reflection, and you should avoid any gloss or semi-gloss paint. The shape of the room, square or rectangular, will impact the acoustics and carpeting will help muffle ambient noise, but if you don’t have a carpet, an area rug can serve the same purpose.

Screen Size

It may be tempting to buy the biggest TV you can afford, but you need to take the room’s dimensions into consideration. In order to calculate the right size, measure the distance from your seating area to where the television will be. Divide that number in half to get the size of the TV that will best fit the size of the room.

Now Hear This

Whether you’re watching television or listening to music, you’re going to want it to sound great. Consider the least obtrusive spots to put the speakers without sacrificing the audio quality. You may want to consider installing them in the ceiling if possible.

Take a Seat

Watching sports or movies will likely be a common pastime in your media room, so you want to make sure you have the right furniture to fit your needs.  Do you need a sofa, loveseat or recliners? If you are planning to purchase new furniture, be sure to measure the room prior to heading out to your favorite furniture store to ensure the items will fit. And don’t forget to add space for walking around and make sure your room isn’t too crowded.

Media Room Snack Station

When you are entertaining, you’ll find it helpful to have drinks and snacks handy, so you don’t have to constantly run to the kitchen to get what you need. A small dorm-size fridge may be a nice addition to your space. Having a place to put your snacks so you and your guests can easily access them from the room will be an important part of your planning.

Out of Sight

Leaving cable boxes, video game controllers, and all those wires in sight will take away room the sleek look of your media room. You’ll want to have cabinets designed to keep all the electronics you’ll need out of sight, yet still accessible.

Closets by Design can design a streamlined media center for you, no matter how much space you have to work with. Their entertainment centers can be designed with drawers and shelves to easily hide cables and other components of your media system. Our designers will come to your house and work with you to find the best space for your media center, and then custom design it to meet your needs.

At Closets by Design, we’re passionate about maximizing home storage while enhancing the beauty of your interior. You’ll get to choose from many choices of different materials, colors, and feature upgrades such as deco-style doors and drawers, and decorative handles. The many options ensure it will fit into your current décor, whether that’s traditional, modern, or something in between.

If you would like Closets by Design to help you design the perfect media room before your next party, schedule your free design consultation today.

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