7 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Clothes

7 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Clothes

There’s no need to buy new clothes every season (as much as you love to shop). Doing so would wreak havoc on your wallet. You can save money by making your clothes last longer, and storage solutions by Closets by Design can help you keep your expanding wardrobe organized.

Taking care of your clothing not only helps you save money, but it is also better for the environment. Not only is forgoing the washer and dryer every once in a while better for your clothes, it also saves energy. Here are seven ways to extend the life of your clothes — and save you time and money!

1) Wear Clothes More Than Once

In many cases, you don’t need to wash your clothes after wearing it only once. Wash clothes after one wear if it sits close to your skin (like leggings or underwear), or if you sweat while wearing it. Otherwise, wait a few wears before you stick other items of clothing in the wash. Cleansing products can strip clothes of their natural oils and softness.

2) Wash With Cold Water

Hot water weakens clothing fibers and strips clothing of its color. Stick with cold water when you can. Tests from one major appliance maker shows warm and hot water washing accelerates fading in of darker colors. Another bonus – cold water washing can save you money in energy costs.

3) Skip the Dryer

The dryer is infamous for shrinking clothes, but heat can also ruin fibers over time. Want proof? Dryer lint is tiny fibers of clothing that are lost every time you run the dryer. Save energy (and money in the long run) by hang-drying your clothes outside or consider hanging clothes on a drying rack in your laundry room.

4) Follow Wash Care Instructions

Read the wash care instructions on your clothing labels. Different fabrics have unique needs, and these instructions are meant to help you protect your clothes. Closets by Design installs shelves with pullout wire mesh baskets or divided hampers in the laundry room so you can sort and separate clothing to avoid delicate pieces of clothing getting washed in the wrong cycle or having brightly colored clothing bleed into your whites.

5) Treat Stains Immediately

For all fabric stains, it is important to treat spots as soon as possible to prevent them from setting. Experts recommend blotting a stain rather than rubbing it. Blotting draws out the stain while rubbing pushes the stain deeper into the fabric. If you are on the go, carry a stain removing pen with you. To store all your stain treatments and other laundry day essentials, Closets by Design can design and install custom cabinetry and shelving around your current washer and dryer in your laundry room to store everything in a convenient and organized manner.

6) Learn How To Make Repairs

Get a sewing kit and learn how to use it. Repairing a small hole or broken seam doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. It can be easy and fun to make simple repairs to your clothes, and this knowledge ensures they will live longer in your closet. You can also use your sewing kit to transform an old piece of clothing into something new. You don’t need to toss your favorite pair of jeans just because they are ripped at the knee. Sew a unique patch into the hole or turn the jeans into a pair of shorts.

7) Store Clothing Properly

Hanging some garments can distort their shape, and they are better off folded. When you do use hangers, be sure to use the right ones. Fabric hangers are best with lightweight clothes while wooden hangers work best with heavier items, like suits and blazers.

It’s a great idea to keep clothes out of direct sunlight so their color doesn’t fade. Speaking of color, if you color-code your closet, you’ll find what you’re looking for more easily. This means you won’t forget that beautiful shirt you only wore once!

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