How to Design Your ‘All About Me’ Space

A hobby room by Closets by Design.

How to Design Your ‘All About Me’ Space

We all need to take care of ourselves. That starts by finding the time and space to do it! Everyone deserves to have an “all about me” space in their home. The best thing about an “all about me” space is right there in the name – your space is all about you!

It could be a hobby room to work on your favorite arts and crafts, or a custom workout space or yoga room. It could even be as simple as carving out your own private reading nook. The possibilities are practically endless!

Whatever your plans are for your “all about me” space, Closets by Design can help you make it happen. Learn a few of our favorite suggestions for your “all about me” space and how you can get started today.

Transform Your Hobby Room to an Arts and Crafts Paradise

A hobby room is an area of your home that can easily become an “all about me” space. You may already have a small workbench or desk in the corner of an office or study where you like to work on sewing, painting, and other artistic pursuits. While this may work for brief creative sessions, you’re going to want a dedicated space for big projects that may take longer.

It’s time to upgrade your arts and crafts corner into a space where you can feel free to pursue your passion! The key when it comes to transforming your hobby room is having the right organizational system in place.

Add a custom workspace your hobby room to outfit your “all about me” space with organizing slots and craft supply drawers. This gives you plenty of space for all your supplies. From needles and thread to buttons, paints, brushes, and much more, you can have it all at arm’s reach.

Turn Your Garage Into the Perfect Yoga Studio

Garages are being used for much more than storage and cars. With a few adjustments, your garage can become the perfect private yoga studio right in your home. It starts with “summerizing your garage” to make more space for you! Installing garage cabinets can help you put away miscellaneous items to clear room for your workout.

Don’t forget to use the wall space to your advantage. There are many options for storing items off the floor, such as racks for bikes, golf clubs, yard tools, and much more.  Hanging these items on the walls of the garage will providing you with more space to maximize your workout options.

Custom garage flooring from Closets by Design does more than make your garage look great. It also greatly improves the comfort of your space. Whether your “me time” involves a yoga session, a home workout, or some mindful meditation, the right floor can turn your garage into the “me space” you need.

Add a Closet System Near Windows for a Cozy Book Nook

If you’re like us, there’s nothing quite like curling up with a great book by the window. The classic book nook is a perfect way to add a space to your home that’s just for you.

Install new shelving for your book collection and a bench seat with a comfy cushion. This gives you a cozy place where you can get lost in a book for hours.

Call Closets by Design to Create a Space Just for You!

We all need space in our homes that we can call our own. Sometimes, you can’t claim an entire room for your “all about me” space. That means it’s time to get creative and team up with the professional designers at Closets by Design.

Discover how we can work together to carve out a space in your home that’s all about you! Schedule your free in-home design consultation with Closets by Design today!

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