Four Ways to Customize an Extra Bedroom

Four Ways to Customize an Extra Bedroom

For many people, having a spare bedroom seems like a necessity when they’re shopping for a new home. They think they’ll need a room for family members visiting over the holidays, friends in town on business, or their kids hosting slumber parties. In most cases, however, the guest room sits empty the majority of the time. Worse still, it can easily become a catch-all space or junk room. If you’re tired of having all that space you hardly ever use (or that you fill with clutter), here are some excellent ideas for repurposing your extra bedroom. Best of all, with the help of the experts from Closets by Design, you can still maintain the option of using it as a guest room — if you actually need one.

Add a Home Office

Whether you have a job that allows you to work remotely or simply need an organized space for managing your household affairs, turning an extra bedroom into a home office is a smart idea. Depending on your specific requirements, you can makeover the entire room or just a portion of it. Our knowledgeable home office designers can help you decide which option best fits your needs and your budget. We offer stylish custom desks that can be paired with shelving and cabinets that will keep your space organized and allow you to work more efficiently.

Give Your Kids a Homework Space

Even if you don’t need a dedicated office at home, there’s a good chance your kids do. Textbooks, notebooks, computers, backpacks — all of these school necessities can end up strewn around the house. That problem is diminished when kids have a designated area where they can do their schoolwork and stash their supplies. Closets by Design makes it simple to turn your extra bedroom (or a corner of it) into a homework station. In addition to custom desks and shelving, we have cubbies to capture clutter, an array of hooks for hanging backpacks, file drawers for organizing spare supplies and completed projects, and many more useful accessories. We can’t promise your kids will be any more excited about doing their homework, but you’ll love having their school stuff confined to one place.

Create a Craft Room

Do you have a favorite hobby or enjoy different arts and crafts projects? If so, you know how difficult it is to organize and store your paints, fabrics, yarn, beads, papers, tools, etc. You probably also know how frustrating it is to start working on a project at the kitchen table and then have to move everything in order to have a place to eat. Why not make your extra bedroom a hobby room? You can create an organizational masterpiece with Closet by Design’s customizable features, like craft supply drawers, chrome baskets, organizing slots, file drawers, and Lucite cabinet doors. We can even install rods to hold bolts of fabric or rolls of paper to make your sewing space or gift-wrapping station more efficient.

Release Your Inner Diva

If you’re more into fashion than crafting, you may be ready to transform your spare bedroom into the ultimate walk-in closet. Our design professionals will measure your space, itemize your wardrobe, and help you create a custom closet that matches your fabulous sense of style. You can choose slanted shoe shelves behind glass doors, a velvet-lined jewelry drawer, adjustable shelves for handbags, a Valet rod, tilt-out hampers, a full-length mirror and so much more. Plus, having your belongings organized in your new closet can help you start your mornings with a smile as you will easily find the pieces you need to complete your daily look.

But what about your guests?

With any of these makeovers, you will still use the space as a guest room if you add one of our versatile wallbeds. As the name implies, the wallbed mattress folds into the wall when you don’t need it, leaving lots of space for other activities. That means you can make your extra bedroom multi-functional and put it to good use when you don’t have guests in town.

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